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    A Defiant Jennifer Knapp Defends Homosexuality on Larry King

    A Defiant Jennifer Knapp Defends Homosexuality on Larry King

    A defiant Christian Singer Jennifer Knapp takes on a pastor of last week's Larry King Live... Watch the video, then let's discuss:

    First of all, while I do think that homosexuality, biblically, is a sin, I think Jennifer makes a couple of good points:

    1.  She is correct when she asks why this one sin is chosen to debate.  Homosexuality is the big taboo sin in Christian culture these days.  I'm not saying that is a bad thing; but it is seen as a much greater sin than any number of other sins combined:  lying, cheating, divorce, living together before marriage, guttony, gossip.  Many of these are tolerated.  We very seldom ask the glutton or the gossip to turn from their sinful ways.  We just assign them to a different committee.

    2.  She does, I think, have a point against the pastor.  He is not her pastor.  He does not have the power/privelege of speaking into her life; privately or on national television.

    That said,

    1.  Jennifer cannot condone her sin by saying that other people who sin are getting a free pass.  It might be true, but it doesn't allow her to play the 'they're sinning so I can sin' card.

    2.  Unfortunately, Jennifer has (as have many other gay christians) found a spiritual leader that has said that homosexuality is acceptable under scripture.


    This is not the first time that a Christian singer has come out of the closet.  Ray Boltz came out a few years ago (no one ever say that one coming!).  Kirk Talley shocked Southern Gospel fans with a scandal a few years back as well.  I'm sure there are others that will happen in the future.

    How will/are you responding to Jennifer's announcement?  Will you buy her album (if you're a fan?)  Will you continue to use her music in your services?  Would you attend her concert?  Would you have her sing in your church?

    And what do you make of her defiant attitude on Larry King?  Justified or not?

    I'd love to hear your thoughts!



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    1. CS on Mon, April 26, 2010

      “1.  She is correct when she asks why this one sin is chosen to debate.”

      I think it’s often because of the amount of attention that those whom engage in the sin draw attention to it.  I don’t see parades for gluttons, special, “Gossip Days,” at major theme parks, or people asking for education on divorcees in schools today.  There is a certain degree of attention that this particular sin draws into it, which is why it is such a hot button issue.

      “2.  She does, I think, have a point against the pastor.  He is not her pastor.  He does not have the power/privelege of speaking into her life; privately or on national television.”

      I disagree.  Public sins can be addressed publicly in the spirit of Galatians 2 and Romans 16:17.  We don’t have to go through the Matthew 18 process when someone is being blatant about their sin.

      Additionally, as the pastor in the video alluded to, her own pastoral staff clearly isn’t giving her biblical counsel if they condone, so someone has to step up and say something to her.

      “How will/are you responding to Jennifer’s announcement?  Will you buy her album (if you’re a fan?)  Will you continue to use her music in your services?  Would you attend her concert?  Would you have her sing in your church?”

      She needs to repent of her sins, and we should love her and treat her as one outside the body of believers until she shows that she has come back to Christ.


    2. Marty Duren on Mon, April 26, 2010

      My thoughts are here:

    3. Todd Rhoades on Mon, April 26, 2010

      Good point on #1, CS.  I haven’t seen a gluttony rally lately.  There is no doubt that homosexuals (christian and non-christian) are striving for acceptance, inside and outside of the church.

      On point #2… I agree to a point.  My original point was that this pastor doesn’t know Jennifer, and because there is no relationship there, he has little (actually, NO) chance of changing her mind.  So… all he did was go on national TV to denounce homosexuality.  I’m not sure that helps anyone.  Jennifer included.


    4. Jeremy Brown on Mon, April 26, 2010

      WOW!  I am totally taken aback by this information… I was a Jennifer Knapp fan.  I don’t even know where to begin - I think Big Todd is right on the points he outlined above (why do we major on this sin and not others, etc).  On the other hand, I think that being a Christian artist IN THE MINDS OF CONSUMERS is a bit like being a pastor - you offer yourself as a role model for others.  The simple truth is that while one sin is the same as any other in the eyes of God, they are not the same in the eyes of people.

      Like it or not, Jennier Knapp (and Charles Barkley) are role models by virtue of the platform them build. 

      This - in my estimation - is a significant loss to the Christian music community.  I am sincerely grieving today. :-(

    5. Jeff Calloway on Mon, April 26, 2010

      Todd, I would disagree with you about this pastor not having the right to speak into her life. Too many scriptures that deal with the church, esp. Pauline texts basically call for Christian to speak the truth into other believers who are living in sin.  The pastor made a good point before Jennifer cut hm off that she is a part of the family, a family that will exist in heaven where there will no church leadrship(pastors etc…)

      Cain’s answer to God, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” is still valid today for believers.

    6. Todd Rhoades on Mon, April 26, 2010

      Well said, Marty.  Much better than my post.  smile


    7. gr guy on Mon, April 26, 2010

      “She is correct when she asks why this one sin is chosen to debate”

      I feel it is the gay community and the media that has pushed this topic to the forefront of the cutural agenda over the past 20 years, not the church.  The church is responding to the agenda that the culture is pushing, as it should.  This has been years in the making.  You could see it coming miles away.

    8. JB on Mon, April 26, 2010

      The reason why homosexually may get more attention than other sins is that there is an effort to no longer understand it as a sin.  There is a movement to understand homosexual behavior the same as heterosexual behavior.  Thus, the increased attention.  If we were to see a movement to make lying equal to truth telling, then lying would get more attention.  There is no debate over whether lying is moral or not but there is over homosexual behavior.

      Although having a relationship with a person does increase ones ability to impact an individual, one does not have to be a person’s pastor or even acquaintance to speak the truth to them or about their situation.  If she did not want to discuss the issue with the pastor, then she should not have agreed to come on the show with him.

      It seems to me that Jennifer has been coached and groomed to be the face and spokesperson of the effort to make homosexuality acceptable to America.

      Pray for her all and that struggle with same sex attraction.

    9. Todd Rhoades on Mon, April 26, 2010


      Maybe I overstated my case.  Does the pastor have a right?  Yeah, I guess so.

      Does he/will he make a difference in Jennifer’s life?  No.  Because he doesn’t have a relationship with her.  Let’s face it… when the first time you meet someone they are there to tell you that you are wrong and in sin, your chances of making a positive change in that person is next to nill.  That makes the purpose of your appearance only to point out sin, which while it is admirable, will not probably in any way bring about the desired result:  repentance.

      Christian blogs are full of accusatory writers and thousand mile away calls for repentance.  Zero of them probably do any good at all.

      There are campaigns right now calling major leaders heretics that will do no more than incite different factions of christianity to fight themselves.

      We do need to stand up against sin.  And we do have that right.  I’m just not sure that confronting another Christian you don’t know for the first time on national television is the best way to do it.

      That’s all I’m saying.


    10. Jeremy Brown on Mon, April 26, 2010

      another thought… the difference between this and any other sin is the simple reality that no one is arguing that those sins should be made completely acceptable and using/manipulating Scripture to do it.  The real issue here is that popular opinion is seeking to have this sin recognized as acceptable… I am COMPLETELY with Jennifer if she is willing to admit that homosexuality is sin - I will gladly be a part of her restoration!  But, continuing in this lifestyle (or any other) unrepentantly is NOT something that we can accept as those who believe in Scripture.  Jennifer - if you are reading this (RIGHT!), we (I) don’t condemn YOU - we (I) simply hope that you will sense and respond to the conviction of the Holy Spirit through the words of Scripture, repent and be “Undone” (to quote your own song).

    11. Jon on Mon, April 26, 2010

      So, with that logic, Todd, Jesus speaking to the masses would have been wasting his time with ‘NO’ chance of reaching or persuading them.

    12. BC on Mon, April 26, 2010

      “No one ever addresses the gossip of the glutton or the adulterer”.  Not true.

      Our church just spent the last several months walking carefully, lovingly, and yet firmly through Matthew 18:15-17 with a flagrant case of unrepentant gossip and abusive speech.  Painful, messy, yet very purifying in surprising ways, and yet definitely needed - already changing the climate of our church in positive ways.

      I speak with other pastors regularly who have done the same thing with other cases of unrepentant sin, and the wounds to prove it.  Just want to encourage you there are churches out there, maybe not many, earnestly seeking to walk true to the Word on all these issues.

      It’s easy to speculate if you’ve never been through it - and once you do, you learn you can’t attack every problem at once.

    13. Todd Rhoades on Mon, April 26, 2010


      One difference.  I’m not Jesus.

      (and neither are you!)

      Seriously… Jesus was teaching repentance and turning to Jesus.

      On Larry King, the message was ‘homosexuality is wrong’.  Repent of it.

      Another question.  And I’m not trying to be a smart aleck…

      What role does the Holy Spirit have in convicting Jennifer Knapp of her sin?  I’m not saying that we can’t help the HS out… matter of fact, the Holy Spirit can often speak through us, I think. 

      But, think about it… if the holy spirit is not convicting Jennifer Knapp on her sexual orientation, what does that say?

      Before you judge too quickly… if you’re overweight, are a gossip, or consistently lead your church as a manipulative leader; or if you have relationships that are not currently honoring God totally, answer the question very carefully.



    14. ShaneT on Mon, April 26, 2010

      Its ironic that our moderator for this discussion, the voice of reason, is about to be divorced for the 8th time.  Perhaps we are throwing stones at the wrong chair.  I preach, “Hate the sin but love the sinner”, and John 13:35 on a week to week basis.  You can’t legislate morality nor can you brow-beat someone into true repentance.  When God’s Word takes a hard line on sin, then I take a hard line on sin.  However, I never forget that Jesus loved and ministered to those struggling with sin.

    15. michaeldanner on Mon, April 26, 2010

      I thank God for her willingness to say, “I am gay” and “I am a follower of Jesus.”  It is terribly uncomfortable for the conservative evangelical community, because they don’t know what to do with that.  Perhaps it’s time for some deeper discernment on this issue and the issue of human sexuality in general.  Parroting the conservative evangelical party line, like Pastor Bob did on Larry King, doesn’t cut it anymore.  Acting like this is a cut and dry Biblical issue that justifies treating homosexuals as second class human beings isn’t helpful either.  We need a different kind of dialog on this topic.

      I think a part of Jennifer’s defiance, if you want to call it that, is the reality that there is now a whole group of folks who call themselves followers of Jesus that will identify her only by her homosexuality.  She is much more than that, just like I am much more than a heterosexual.  Sexuality is one part of a larger picture of who we are, but the conservative evangelical community makes homosexuality THE identity of homosexual persons. 

      Right now it seems like homosexuality is the scapegoat sin that keeps us from having to own our own sin. Jennifer may be saying “I’m gay and OK” but the conservative evangelical community seems to say, “If I’m not gay I’m OK”  Not if you listen to Jesus and follow his teaching.

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