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    Charles Stanley Sells FamilyNet TV Network to Robert A. Schuller

    Charles Stanley Sells FamilyNet TV Network to Robert A. Schuller

    OK... more specifically, In Touch Ministries has sold the TV Network they acquired just two years ago from the Southern Baptist Convention to ComStar Media that is owned, in part, by Robert A. Schuller, son of TV preacher Robert Schuller.

    I would think this would have to honk off some diehard SBC and NAMB (which actually sold the network) back in October of 2007.

    According to a press release from In Touch:  "In Touch took FamilyNet as far as possible with our available resources. Its growth and success occurred with a swiftness we never could have expected. When this opportunity with ComStar Media presented itself, we understood it was God taking FamilyNet to the next level."

    A program hosted by Robert A. Schuller, "Everyday Life," will be a cornerstone program on the widened AmericanLife Television Network.

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    1. CS on Tue, December 29, 2009

      This is horrible.  I know of ministries like the Wretched Radio & TV programs that are under the umbrella of Family Net, and broadcast their wonderful messages on their Sirius and satellite systems.  They specifically speak against Schuller and his unbiblical messages.  Somehow I sense them getting squashed or someone else (hopefully) picking up their networks.

      Dumb, dumb move overall.


    2. JR on Tue, December 29, 2009

      The inside info I’ve heard doesn’t quite jive with the In Touch statement. More like, In Touch really didn’t do jack with FamilyNet, perhaps because some of their financial backing never came through. In fact, it’s my understanding that they lost money in this deal.

      I also heard speculation that the original purchase by In Touch may have been fueled in part by the fact that they had a great 2007 financially, and needed to burn off some cash in order to keep up their non-profit status.

      Rumors maybe, but it doesn’t seem that In Touch was greatly serious about really making this thing go. The sad part is that no one can seem to run a decent Christian network that isn’t dominated by heretics and peddlers.

    3. William on Fri, January 22, 2010

      saw one man in Relevant magazine, aprendemos juntos
      Animator working for Cartoon Network
      talking like he wanted to do more work w Atlanta Family Net(started out in public television) now participating in bible study. maybe the bluefish people and or might JV for future mission works

      mi wife big fan of superbook>>kids at church need to know those like josef urban?, rolland baker?, bruchko?, others? livingwater( unlikely revivalists on street?,,first time praying(working miracles thru their hands), hongkong and beyond present day, into the Word >>australian japanese John Edwards youtube, Translating Townsend?

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