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    Church Worker:  How to Survive a Job that Makes You Miserable

    Church Worker:  How to Survive a Job that Makes You Miserable

    OK... not a real uplifting title.  Many ministry staff people absolutely love their job.  Others are... well... simply miserable.  With us ministry folk, there doesn't seem to be much middle ground sometimes.  Maybe this piece could help those of you who feel terribly miserable in your current situation...

    Here is some advice from Liz Wolgemuth:

    Look around the office. If you hate your job, there's a good chance that other people around you do, too. Negativity breeds negativity. Despite what got the ball rolling in the first place, you can choose to be part of a move in the opposite direction. "You can go to work and actually make someone else's job less miserable," Lencioni says. "Use your job to help others." Although there may be other methods of reducing your unhappiness—by improving your skills or shifting some of your workload to a coworker—money and staff are tight, and employees probably won't have too many levers to pull during this recession.

    Do you HATE your current church job?  If so, why?  And if you've had a church job you hated in the past, how did you remedy the situation?  Stick it out, or change jobs?

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    1. Richard on Fri, February 12, 2010

      If I don�t like to do something, I would prefer to come out of that. It will suit both my professional as well as personal lives. Instead of surviving in a job that make me miserable, I prefer to come out, start working on the things I am much interested in

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