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    Creating a Culture of Urgency in Your Church

    Creating a Culture of Urgency in Your Church

    My friend Chris Elrod had a great post on his blog yesterday about the culture they are trying to create at Compass Point church...

    Here's what Chris said... I think it's what the mission of the church is all about.

    Every hour of every day people are dying without Jesus…and going to Hell.  At Compass Point we remind our folks of that each time we meet.  We want to create a culture of urgency to reach people far from God with the message of Jesus Christ.  We want to take those that have accepted Christ and help disciple them into mature followers of Christ.  We want Compass Point folks to know that time is wasting and that every person they meet…might need to meet Jesus.  It is urgent that people live each day intentionally looking for opportunities to talk to others about Christ, to be a witness with the way they conduct their lives and to invite people to church.  We emphasize that nothing they can do in society, in their jobs, in academic life, in their goals, in their plans…can ever top the importance of reaching people for Christ.  Compass Point needs to live in a constant urgency that people need to hear…and see…the Gospel in everything we do…as a church…and as individuals.

    Thanks, Chris.  (You can read more about Compass Point and Chris everyday at his blog).

    QUESTION:  How do you create this type of culture of urgency at YOUR church?  Do you?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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    1. CS on Wed, November 18, 2009

      I’ve found that while many churches have an urgency to want to reach people who are dying, the congregants are woefully untrained in how to share the basics of the Gospel.  Many incorrectly believe that by doing things like saying, “God bless you,” offering to pray for someone, inviting someone to church, or by doing good works that they are sharing the Gospel with someone.  Or, instead of directly confronting someone with Christ, they beat about the bush and work down the path of, “friendship evangelism,” in the hopes that they will get a feeling or have a blatant opportunity.

      Churches need to train people more in evangelism and give them real-world situations in which to use their knowledge and experiences.  They need to talk more about how Hell is hot and people are dying instead of hearing about purpose and what life benefits Christ could bring.  They need to equip people with resources to take the message of Christ boldly in the world.

      I hope that Compass Point is one of those churches that has both the passion and the means of sharing this message.  And I have the same hopes for all the churches in the world.


    2. Steven Crutchfield on Wed, November 18, 2009

      How about a “Way to go Compass Point…way to to Chris”...may God bless all that you do for HIM and HIS Kingdom…keep dreaming BIG and may God help us as leaders in the Body of Christ…to support the work and new ideas of others…

    3. handbags shop on Thu, November 19, 2009

      How about a ��Way to go Compass Point��way to to Chris��...may God bless all that you do for HIM and HIS Kingdom��keep dreaming BIG and may God help us as leaders in the Body of Christ��to support the work and new ideas of others��

    4. tarsus on Thu, November 26, 2009

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