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    Do you like me?  If so, check this box. (Pt.1)

    It probably came in the form of a short letter and had a few silly questions on it that you were supposed to answer. Often such surveys had multiple-choice options whereas others demanded a small essay. The purpose of this, of course, was to indicate your interest and overall compatibility with the one who had sent you the letter. Yet as we look back on the whole concept what is most amazing is that this isn?t just the way adolescents try to find their next crush. Rather, this is the way that many churches and businesses are trying to find their next great hire.

    Having been in ?pastoral ministry? (whatever that is) for several seasons, I have experienced my fair share of unemployment and prospective interviews. In fact, it never ceases to amaze me how often I?ve been asked, ?So? why have you served in more than a couple of churches?? There?s an interesting implication there, hinting at the idea that the church world should function like the corporate world. In the business sector, consistent employment history indicates you are a ?solid employee.? In the church realm, however, a stable resume could mean someone who?s been a solid employee OR instead suggest yet another man or woman whose chosen to become a ?professional clergyman/woman? instead of an impassioned minister of the Gospel.

    So how are many churches trying to weed through resumes and candidates? Several say they are adopting proven corporate practices in order to know their candidates better, using methods like personality profiling and extensive surveys to know someone from every possible direction. Having been the recipient of such investigations, I have enjoyed the chance to get to know myself better and the theology I claim as every part of who I am gets poked and prodded. Positively speaking, it has on more than o

    This is part 1 in a 3 part series by guest writer Tony MylesDo you remember the first love note you got as a kid? Possibly from someone you liked?


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    1. The Christian Outlaw on Tue, December 06, 2005

      Beware: This statement is not suitable for the weak and faint hearted.

      It does not matter if you like me or not. I have been worrying here lately if people are mad at me and whether they like me or not. It does not matter what you think, it only matters what God think’s.

      He loves me and cares about me. He is there when I do good or do bad. He don’t grade me on the curve, but he has grace and love that covers the multitude of my sins. When I make mistakes he does not lambast me with unkind words or scripture, but gently teaches me and corrects me through the teaching of His word and the Holy Spirit.

      He is my joy, my life, my all. If you like me fine. If you do not like me or love me that is fine to. But I say this in closing. I love everyone. I ask him to forgive me because I am the CHIEF of all SINNERS. I ask him to forgive me of all my sins, I also pray for those who dislike me and hate me.

      Just like Paul “The more I love, the moreI am hated.”

      God Bless you all. Take care. Until we meet in Heaven.


    2. Tony Myles on Wed, December 07, 2005

      Makes total sense, bro.  It’s all about knowing yourself as God knows you - from where you’ve been, where you are, and where He longs for you to grow.

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