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    Funny Faith Healing Story at Oral Robert’s Funeral

    Funny Faith Healing Story at Oral Robert’s Funeral

    The Bible Belt Blogger shares a story as told by Marilyn Hickey at Oral Robert’s Funeral:

    She said the first time that she preached at an Assembly of God Church, she commanded a man in a wheelchair near the back of the sanctuary to stand up and walk. But the man didn’t budge.

    So she hollered at him again: Stand up and walk. But still he did not move.

    So a third time, she thundered: Stand up and walk. But still no movement.

    About that time, the pastor of the church stepped to her side and whispered: “Mrs. Hickey, he’s not going to stand up and walk. He has no legs.”

    Oh, the story brought laughter to Oral Roberts’ memorial service. And Hickey laughed along.

    I share BBB’s response: “I didn’t laugh, however. I’ve seen too many self-proclaimed faith healers use desperately-ill people as props over the decades. And if Hickey’s Almighty God is incapable of healing legless men, he isn’t much of an Almighty God.”

    You can read the article here. Amen. What do YOU think?


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    1. CS on Mon, December 28, 2009

      I learned of Hickey only the other day when I saw the large mini-mall she had converted into her worldwide headquarters out in Denver.  And then I did some research and just started shaking my head at all of her absurdities. 


    2. Fred on Mon, December 28, 2009

      I know of some missionaries in Mexico that come to the states and tell from the pulpit of hundreds of mighty healing every year (like someone growing a new leg) and about raising people from the dead. They claim it doesn’t happen here in the states because of a lack of faith.
      They started having people come down to Mexico for short term mission trips years ago and guess what. When the short term missionaries are there no miracles happen at all. hmmmmmmmm!? (scratching my head)

    3. Rev. K on Tue, December 29, 2009

      I hate to sound rude…but thank God for one less wolf in sheep clothings… Oral Roberts is a joke… his university is a joke… and those that follow him are mislead… (I always wondered how in the world a man who quit seminary and never went back start a seminary?)

    4. Peter Hamm on Tue, December 29, 2009

      Yeah, but it IS a funny story!

    5. JOB on Tue, December 29, 2009

      Funny story, despite the abuses of God’s wonderful gifts given to the church I know God still heals, and I thank Him for how he worked through Oral Roberts’s life.

    6. Shawn Wilson on Tue, December 29, 2009

      WOW Rev K, that’s some pretty harsh comments.  The story is funny though…......Can you just see Peter doing that?  I can.  Though I may not like the way certain people “conduct God’s business,” I’m sure it’s not right to condemn a man because we disagree with them.
      Oral Roberts a wolf?  Really?  I mean come on!  Flamboyant?  Sure.  Over the top at times?  Yes.  A wolf?  I don’t think so.  Bad trees can produce bad fruit and his college has brought out some good fruit.  Just saying.

      Is it wrong that I laughed out load at the story?  Or that everytime I think about it I giggle?  Sorry, I can’t help it.

    7. Christopher Fontenot on Wed, December 30, 2009

      Once again discernment is so rare.  For Marilyn Hickey to find it funny to perpetrate a fraud in the name of God is absurd.  Instead of repenting she finds it funny and it is no irony that she brought that story to a fraud’s funeral.  I don’t think people realize how these people spit on the holiness of God.  To say that God said something that He did not is to literally spit on God because you regard His holiness so little as to lie about Him.  God did not tell Oral Roberts that He would take his life for not raising the millions he attempted to raise.  God did not give Oral Roberts healing power the way he wielded it nor the way He gave it to the Apostles.  Marilyn Hickey is as big a fraud as Oral, Joel, Rick, Rod, Paula, Paul and Jan, Benny, Ed, TD, Creflo, Peter, Dino, Craig, Juanita, Joyce, Fred, Eddie, Myles, and the litany of other preachers that extol one another in this group

      I can’t get over that anyone would find this funny….it is so sad.

    8. Anonymous´┐Ż on Mon, January 04, 2010

      you hit the nail in the coffin…

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