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    Haggard Prayer Meeting Draws 110 People

    Haggard Prayer Meeting Draws 110 People

    “I’ve had a public relations problem in Colorado Springs the last three years, you might have heard about it,” said Haggard, joking on his front driveway before people arrived.

    Haggard expected between five and 20 people, but set up his home for more.

    His next prayer meeting is this Thursday at 7pm at his home in Colorado Springs.

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    1. CS on Mon, November 16, 2009

      I do have to thank Haggard for one thing—he has unequivocally proved that 2 Timothy 4:3 is dead on.


    2. Fred on Mon, November 16, 2009

      It’s a shame. Instead of loving God with all their heart they save a huge part of it to love (worship) Ted and he LOVES their attention, not to mention the prospects of eventually getting their money.
      It really doesn’t matter a lot. If it wasn’t Ted it would be someone else.
      Leaders need to really make sure they do everything they can to stop this sort of thing from happening and especially make sure they are not doing things that cause and foster it. (pastor worship)
      If you are enjoying the atta-boys and back pats and gifts and praise…you need to recognize your weakness in that area and allow God to change your heart or find another job.

    3. Peter Hamm on Mon, November 16, 2009


      Amen to that! I didn’t need the proof, but there it is. Ted’s back on the map…

    4. Jesse medina on Tue, November 17, 2009

      And to think that he was just innocently wanting to start a Bible study…he didn’t want it to get big! (right….)

      I wrote about why he shouldn’t start another church - it seems there are some who think grace is an invitation to do whatever one pleases:

    5. handbags shop on Thu, November 19, 2009

      Amen to that! I didn¡¯t need the proof, but there it is. Ted¡¯s back on the map¡­

    6. Aaron on Sat, November 21, 2009

      Man, we sure are hard on each other. Luke 6:38 says, “Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full—pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back.”

      And that’s talking about judgment, condemnation, and forgiveness.

      I’m just grateful for what God gives me, and that it’s not limited to the grace, mercy, and forgiveness that we dole out to each other.

    7. Jesse Medina on Sat, November 21, 2009

      It isn’t a matter of forgiveness.  Its a matter of whether he is ready to go back into ministry, yet.  His actions prove that that’s not the case.

    8. coach bags on Sat, June 12, 2010

      Amen to that! I didn¡¯t need the proof, but there it is. Ted¡¯s back on the map¡­ I don’t think so!!!!

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