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    How a Healthy Church Plans

    How a Healthy Church Plans

    My friend Chris Elrod just posted a great story about how his church (Compass Point) is planning, and is intent on being and staying healthy.  According to Chris, Healthy churches produce healthy Christians which makes for healthy outreach and discipleship for the Kingdom of God.  But in order for churches to be healthy, they need to plan.. and plan well.

    Here are some of the planning steps that Chris suggests:

    1. plan for the vision of the church first and foremost…
    2. keep it simple with only a few actual events each year…
    3. plan far enough in advance to implement well…
    4. plan on having enough finances, volunteers and resources to accommodate…
    5. intentionally plan for spiritual and numerical growth…
    6. plan on God moving mightily…

    How does your church plan? 

    Personally, I love #6:  plan on God moving mightily.  I wonder... how many churches really make plans for that?  Should all churches?

    Take a look at more on how Compass Point has planned for 2010 here at Chris' blog.

    What big plans does your church have this year?  And how are you planning on God moving mightiy in your midst?



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    1. rob on Thu, January 07, 2010

      Proverbs 21:5
      The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.

      the reoccuring word in all this is “plan”

    2. Christopher Fontenot on Thu, January 07, 2010

      It’s so sad how “church” has come to mean retreats, conferences, sermon series, and group activities while people are dying and headed for hell because we prefer to congregate instead of communicate.  I went online and looked at their event calendar through June of this year.  Not one organized attempt to go out and share the Gospel.  Lo and behold there is a conference about the importance of fulfilling the Great Commission but it doesn’t look like they’ll take anything from it and put it into action.  What is wrong with Christianity that we have no compassion for the lost?

    3. Jesse on Tue, January 12, 2010

      Christopher, I agree that if what you’re assuming is accurate (that there will not be any outreach happening, just talking about it), then this church’s plans are lacking.  But it sounds like you’re assuming that fulfilling the great commission means some kind of church wide event where we take to the streets and hand out tracts or something like that.  Take into consideration (like my church encourages) that the mission field for the average Christian is the people they encounter on a daily basis.  So you can’t plan for the moment that you share, you prepare for that and pray for the opportunity, and then you share the gospel when you’ve got an opportunity.  Plus, the commission says to make disciples.  Quite frankly, there’s plenty of professing Christians but not as many disciples of Jesus in churches these days.  Working on your body to be disciples (by the power of the Holy Spirit) will make them into the kind of people that will be taking on the image of Christ, and any unbelievers that have interactions with these people won’t be able to miss that Jesus is what they are all about.

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