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    How the Church has Changed over the Past Decade

    How the Church has Changed over the Past Decade

    Tim Stevens has written a great post over at his blog on how the church has changed in the past decade.  I think Tim is right on.  Some changes are pretty easy to track, but Tim's insight finds some you might now of thought of...

    Here's his list so far of things that have changed.  Check out his blog below for more explanation on each:

    1.  Church Buildings

    2.  Conferences

    3.  Expectations

    4.  Staffing

    5.  Senior Leaders

    6.  Community Impact

    7.  Missions

    8.  One Team

    You can check out part 1 here and part 2 of Tim's thoughts here.

    What are your thoughts?  What were the biggest changes in your church during the 2000's?



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    1. CS on Wed, January 06, 2010

      Here are some I would add, borrowing Stevens’ style:

      Church Attendance:

      In the year 2000, Sunday worship services were used as times for believers to gather together for the worship of God done through teaching, singing, tithing, and preaching.  Now, in 2010, the purpose of church attendance during weekend services by many notable churches seems to be focused on non-believers, avoiding certain activities or topics that were previously done on Sundays, often with mid-week services catering to believers. 


      The words we use to describe things have changed in the past decade, and new words have become the focus for churches in 2010.  For example, “Christians,” have become, “Christ-followers.”  The words, “purpose,” “leadership,” “relationship,” and, “missional,” have all become part of the jargon used in churches.  Traditional, older, and more formal words like, “propitiation,” “wrath,” and, “repentance,” have been substituted out or removed from church lexicons, either because of using more modern vocabulary, or because the focus of the churches have changed.

      New Movements and Churches:

      Between 2000 and 2010, there have been new movements and churches in and around Christianity.  The Emergent Church came out in the last decade with its postmodern viewpoints.  Saddleback, Willow Creek, Granger, and a few other churches have caused so many churches to conform to a specific model of how church should be done with their wide-reaching influence.  The fractures in denominations like the ELCA, Episcopal, and Anglican churches over topics like homosexuality has caused new schisms and factions.


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