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    How to Say NO…

    How to Say NO…

    As a leader, sometimes you just have to say no.  Sometimes it's just a bad idea.  Sometimes is actually something that is good but it would cost too much time or effort.  Sometimes, you have to say no to good things that just don't fit your mission.  But regardless, NO is a hard word for many ministry leaders to say.

    Michael Hyatt has some suggestions on how to make saying NO much easier:

    1.  Never say YES on the spot.

    2.  Don't feel like you need to give a long list of excuses.

    3.  Commit to no more than one major and one minor volunteer responsibility at a time.

    4.  Keep in mind you do not have to say yes just because you are capable.

    5.  Hit the delete button when guild sneaks in.

    Some of these points are more for saying no to personal things that you're being asked to do, but most of them fit for things to consider as you constantly bombarded as a leader with things that other people would like to have you do.

    How have you learned to say no?  When do you say no?  And what was the last ministry decision you said NO to?

    You can read more here at Michael's blog...


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