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    Is Your Church’s Vision Too Small?

    Is Your Church’s Vision Too Small?

    Why do people love to give time, money, energy, and love to parachurch organizations when they don't give time, energy and love to their home church?  Craig Groeschel suggests that it could be because the parachurch organization has a bigger vision than your church!

    Craig says:

    Almost daily, I hear great church members excited about their “outside the church” ministry. Instead of whining about why they don’t give, serve, or care about the ministry of the local church, I’ve made two commitments:

    1. I’m going to cast such a compelling vision for the power of the local church that the vision would draw their hearts back to the local church.
    2. I’m going to celebrate and embrace whatever they are doing to make a difference.

    You can read more here...

    QUESTION:  Do you have people in your church that are more pumped about their favorite parachurch organization than about your church?  What can you do to change that?  And... do you need to?



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