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    James Dobson’s Family Squabble

    James Dobson’s Family Squabble

    Did you hear the news last week that James Dobson is now fundraising for a NEW family organization and radio show that will be separate from Focus on the Family, AND headquartered in Colorado Springs?  Dobson released a letter last week that says he will be starting a new radio show with his son that will be called "James Dobson on the Family"...

    Here's a really good article over at that asks some of the same questions that I immediately asked:

    1.  Why would James Dobson start a whole new ministry (which he needs, according to his estimations, $2 million to fund in 2010) rather than work with the institution he founded?

    2.  This is the first time I've ever heard of Dobson's son being catapulted as a successor to the father (which is essentially what this looks like).

    3.  If this is a plan to pass on the legacy to the Dobson son, why are they calling it "James Dobson on the Family"?  Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a succession plan?

    4.  It appears that FOTF is taking the high road on this one.  James starting his own ministry has to hurt FOTF in their own efforts.  (They've been struggling financially for some time now).  This will only make things worse. FOTF knows this.  So does James.

    5.  While both sides are saying nice things about each other... there has to have been a 'parting of the ways' moment.  And, given all the power, influence, and money at stake, I'm sure it wasn't pretty.

    Take a read here, and let me know what you think...



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    1. Michael Dixon on Mon, January 04, 2010

      This news, like many other pieces of news that I come across, reminds me to consider, again and anew, which things I am doing are my faithful response to the Spirit’s urging, and which are my good -nay even, genius- ideas instead of God’s perfect plan.

      It is difficult for me to reconcile the notion that God is backing either Dobson or Daly with the God revealed in the incaranation of Jesus and moving in the Spirit.  All the reported speculation, as well as the “facts” available for speculation, seem to beckon me to be less than generous or gracious. I wish to let that languish.

      I am urged to think about the employees laid off over the last two years at FOTF and their families.  I am urged to pray for their welfare, and to renew my growing caution about adopting the means and modes of this world to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ. Afterall, why did God choose for the incarnation such a backward place in such a backward time.

    2. Sgillesp on Mon, January 04, 2010

      It seems to me that much of what we do for the Lord is some percentage Jesus, and a larger percentage “us.”  I think the Dobson portion of FOTF grew larger and larger as time went on, and thus the falloff in followers and money.  MORE Dobson isn’t going to help.  He is entitled to his political opinion on many matters, but people aren’t obligated to listen.  And I think we’d be hard-pressed to find Jesus similarly exercised on many of the matters Dobson is worked up over.  And doesn’t that have to be the bottom line?  I wish him well; I don’t plan to send any money to either organization.

    3. Casey Sabella on Mon, January 04, 2010

      I stopped listening to Dobson many years back. His initial work on Daring to Discipline was very helpful. The radio program, more and more became very political and over bearing. Always talking about the problem without addressing practical alternatives is wearisome. Refusing to back candidates based on ideology made him appear foolish on the national stage and ultimately hurt the causes he so passionately advocated.

      This recent move cannot but divide a lot of people.

    4. Jermayn on Mon, January 04, 2010

      This along with news I heard yesterday of a Pastor caught in fornication, pastoring again after 8 months raises to me a question.

      Is it God lead or man lead?

    5. susan on Tue, January 05, 2010

      Dr Dobson’s political agenda overtook his spiritual commitment at least 15 years ago to the point that it had already diminished respect for the original FOTF intent.  We stopped using any of his curriculum years ago.

    6. David on Sat, January 16, 2010

      Makes NO sense!

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