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    Joyce Meyer May Have to Testify in Murder Trial

    Joyce Meyer May Have to Testify in Murder Trial

    Charismatic speaker Joyce Meyer and her son might be asked to testify in a murder trial involving their ministry’s former chief of security.

    According to the Christian Post, a lawyer representing the family of slain mother-of-two Sheri Coleman alleged that Meyer’s son, Dan Meyer, had traveled with the accused murderer, Christopher Coleman, and his girlfriend, Tara Lintz, prior to the May 5 slaying of Coleman’s wife and two sons.

    And, as Dan Meyer is the CEO of Joyce Meyer Ministries, attorneys Jack Carey and Enrico Mirabelli allege that the ministry knew that Coleman was having an affair and should have warned Sheri Coleman's family when threatening e-mails surfaced.

    Mike King, attorney for Joyce Meyer Ministries, however, has denied the allegations and maintained that there is no responsibility on the part of Joyce Meyer Ministries.

    "Joyce Meyer Ministries had no knowledge prior to these tragic deaths of an extra marital affair involving Chris Coleman. Neither did the Ministry have prior knowledge that Chris Coleman allegedly was the source of threats against his family," King expressed in a prepared statement.

    Coleman, 32, is currently on trial for first-degree murder and faces the death penalty for the deaths of his wife, Sheri Coleman, 32, and his two sons, Gavin, 9 and Garett, 11.

    According to investigators, Coleman had called police from a gym on May 5 and asked a police officer who had investigated prior threats related to the family to check on them after calls to the house allegedly went unanswered.

    When police got to the house later that morning, they found the bodies of Coleman’s wife and two children all strangled with some type of wire, rope or cord. Spray-painted across the walls of the house, meanwhile, were obscenities that appeared to have been directed at Sheri Coleman, including the words “punished,” “wh*re paid,” “u have paid,” and “I saw you leave, [expletive] you, I am always watching.”


    Important question:  What are the warning signs that someone you are working with is about to lose it?  Have you ever worked with someone (especially in a church setting) that totally collapsed?  (In this case it was a murder, but maybe it was an affair; getting totally bombed out of their head, a mental breakdown, etc.) 

    Yesterday's shootings at Fort Hood show a man that seemingly gave many warning signs.

    Even if Joyce Meyer and her son knew about the affair before the murders, what could they/should they have done; and how would it have changed what eventually happened?  (It seems like the only thing they could have done was fire this man earlier, which would have just moved up the timeline).

    What are your thoughts?



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    1. kww on Sat, November 21, 2009

      They were morally obligated to fire Coleman and he would have been forced to deal with the reason why he was fired with his family.  If JMM covered it up the should be held financially libel in the wrongful death is this family.  God help them.

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