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    People are Getting Saved!

    People are Getting Saved!

    Here's a great video from Mac Lake and Matt Fry on Multi-Site ministry.  In it, Matt shares some 'been there, done that' moments about C3 Church's move into multi-site ministry.  But the best thing is that Matt says "People are getting saved watching me on video at our multi-site campus!"

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    You can read much more on leadership and multi-site ministry over at  Check it out!


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    1. Christopher Fontenot on Fri, January 08, 2010

      Is it just me or does it seem awfully narcissistic to do multi-site churches instead of discipling and sending out Christians to start churches in these communities?  Granted, there were no video capabilities back in the apostolic era but the plan of God does not change because technology improves or the culture is different.  This man actually believes that people are getting saved because they are watching him preach on a video recording of the prior night service.  Something just doesn’t feel right about all this.

    2. Q. on Mon, January 11, 2010

      VERY COOL!!!!  This reminded me a lot of the early church when this first emerged (in how Paul’s letters would circulate) but I held my breath to see how it worked longterm and I have to say, it definitely works as a sustainable AND effective method…  Kudos…

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