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    Ray Boltz:  “I don’t believe God hates me anymore”

    Ray Boltz:  “I don’t believe God hates me anymore”

    Remember Ray Boltz? It's been nearly seven years since Ray 'came out of the closet' and took a hiatus from Christian Music...

    But now Boltz is back with a new album, and a new belief.  And a call for Christians to not discriminate against homosexuals.

    Here is one of the lyrics to a song called "Who Would Jesus Love?"

    Would He only love the ones
    Who looked the same as me
    Would He only offer hope
    When He saw similarity
    Would He leave the others waiting
    Like a stranger at the gate
    Would He discriminate.

    Or, part of the lyrics of his song "Don't Tell Me Who To Love"

    Don't tell me who to love,
    Don't tell me who to kiss,
    Don't tell me that there's something wrong,
    Because I feel like this.

    Maybe you're in love today and you've been making wedding plans
    But there is someone in your way shouting things cause they don't understand
    The judge says that's not legal, the preacher calls it a sin
    Oh you just remember they were wrong before and they're wrong again

    On his transformation, Boltz says:  "I don’t believe God hates me anymore...I always thought if people knew the true me, they’d be disgusted, and that included God. But for all the doubts, there’s this new belief that God accepts me and created me, and there’s peace.”

    Make no doubt about it... how the church responds to the issue of homosexuality will be one of the major issues in the church over the next decade.

    What do you think?  You can read more on Boltz in a New York Times article written recently here...


    (PS -- I was never a big Ray Boltz fan.  Ever.  But take a short listen to the song linked above.  Let's just say, the music itself would not make me a fan, ever.  Not one of Boltz's best songs, gay or not gay.)



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    1. judy laney on Sat, November 13, 2010

      I am so saddened that Ray Boltz is doing what God says is wrong.  God has never hated Ray, and God loves everyone, but God does not love any sin. Jesus died on the cross to cover all sins. Sin is sin. Our society is coming out of the closet for what.  To destroy themselves.  It is a choice to be gay.  You are not born with it.  Yes there a feminine men, and there are boy girls, but to say you are to be with the same sex God says NO.  Our society is now condoning anything and everything evil or bad, and everything that is meant for good is stupid.  Christians do not hate if they are true Christians.  We are in the end times, as everything is moving faster and faster, and people are becoming more and more desencitized to just about everything.  All roads do not lead to heaven.  Read Gods word which is the only truth on this planet earth.  One day all will know this.  Change before it is too late.

    2. george on Sun, November 14, 2010

      one question: are you homosexual? - then how do you know its not/or a choice?

      you can’t make that judgement call.

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