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    Rod Parsley:  The Devil Stole $3 Million Dollars.  Help Me Get it Back!

    Rod Parsley:  The Devil Stole $3 Million Dollars.  Help Me Get it Back!

    TV Evangelist Rod Parsley (from my home state of Columbus) is asking for a financial miracle before December 31.  Rod is asking people to "help me take back what the devil stole?"  The appeal said that there was a $3 million dollar deficit even after cutting the budget 30% during the year.

    This isn't a big story.  I mean, a lot of TV evangelists make big pleas for funds.  They have for years.

    What is interesting in this story, according to the Columbus Dispatch, is that Parsley's church settled for $3.1 million this year with a family whose son was spanked at its day-care center in 2006, to the point his buttocks and legs were covered with welts and abrasions.

    According to a statement by the church:  "The decision imposed against us earlier this year has made our circumstances more serious."  I'm sure it did.

    But if this $3 million is the same $3 million that Parsley is asking for because the devil stole it from them... that sure makes for a different scenario.

    (If I was a betting man, I would guess that the $3 million was an insurance claim against the church rather than coming straight from the church coffers).

    Here's my read:  the day of the big TV evangelists is over.  It could be that the $3 million dollars wasn't actually stolen by Satan.  It could be that people are waking up and finding that their money is better when not placed in the hands of a TV evangelist.

    What's YOUR read? 




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    1. Pastor Charles Kitner on Mon, December 28, 2009

      He has sent a request to people that have gotten anything from their ministry to help SAVE the ministry. Send your best gift NOW kind of plea.
      I found it distastful.

    2. David Peterson on Mon, December 28, 2009

      I don’t know that the day of the televangelist is over.  I’m constantly amazed at the church members who have a favorite TV preacher.  Some I would’ve never guessed watch this or that preacher.  The trend does seem to be away from the more flamboyant types.

    3. Peter Hamm on Mon, December 28, 2009

      Blaming Satan for your decreased income? Classic! Why not blame your own lack of faith?

    4. Eric Frisch on Mon, December 28, 2009

      All I know is that most of us who live in Columbus try pretty hard not to get involved with Parsley or his giant church… and that’s largely because of things like this!

    5. andy on Mon, December 28, 2009

      Oh Man Todd! I just realized that the Devil has stolen about $50,000 from me as well as a 50 inch Flat Screen and a 2009 Toyota FJ.  It’s not that I ever had it but, you know, I feel like I should have and the only reasonable explaination for my lack of these goods is the Devil.

      All we need to defeat the Evil One is for anyone reading this comment to pick one of these 3 items and drop it off at my house by weeks end.

      Oh Victory in Jesus…

    6. rbud on Mon, December 28, 2009

      I’ve never thought much of Parsley, not his content or style. Based upon the news article, the inference is that the Faieta family is the culprit in all of this. If his ministry needs funds to make up for decreased contributions, so be it, but to infer that the beaten boy’s family is to blame stoops to a new low even for Parsely. Doubtless, there will be people who will fall for his shenanigans, which always amazes me. I can’t understand why the Stupid Hall of Fame isn’t overflowing with entrants.

    7. CS on Mon, December 28, 2009

      Shouldn’t Parsley be able to speak a word and release his faith to reclaim the $3 million?  I mean, what’s wrong with these word-faith-ers if they can’t beat the devil verbally into giving them big bucks?


    8. Micahel Holmes on Mon, December 28, 2009

      Forget Parsley…I’m gonna help Andy get his TV back! LOL!!

    9. Russell Mckinney on Mon, December 28, 2009

      Great call on this, C.S. Between Kenneth Copeland’s “speak the word” way of making money and Oral Roberts’ “seed faith giving” plan, you’d think that Parsley could just exercise his faith out of any financial setback or crisis. But what does he do? He sends out a common plea for more contributions. What a hypocrite!

    10. Fred on Mon, December 28, 2009

      Instead of asking for 3 million he should sacrificially GIVE a 3 million dollar seed and he would get 6 million or more back when he harvests.

    11. Rev. K on Tue, December 29, 2009

      This is sad… I’m tired of these charlatons… as well as these carnal minded christians…those who beg and those who give lack true biblical understanding… half the stuff we blame on the devil has nothing to do with him at all… I’m sure the devil is tired of being blamed for things we did on our own…

      Andy has a better chance at getting his tv then this scam artist…

    12. Christopher Fontenot on Tue, December 29, 2009

      I suggest that Rod Parsley send me a seed gift of $300,000 and when God blesses it 10 fold….shazam!! he will have his $3,000,000.  Problem solved!

    13. Shawn Wilson on Tue, December 29, 2009

      Well, I can relate with Rod here.  After going over the numbers in my business over the last 6 months of the year, we as a company found out that we lost $100,000.  I took a 50% paycut and by years end we came to the conclusion that it was best to close the doors!!  Which in turn means that I am a husband and father with no job. 
      Well, being that I prepared for this I actually do have a job but it will depend on me working super hard to get it off the ground in order to pay my bills this month. 
      So maybe if I would just ask everyone here if they can maybe hook a brother up with a 100 here and a 50 there I would have everything paid…........or maybe Rod should just close down the shop? 
      I know for me this has been God leading my family in a new direction.  Why is it that, that is never the case for these people?  Maybe God is leading Rod to be a missionary to Mars or something.  Ok, maybe not Mars…......

    14. Ricky on Wed, December 30, 2009

      All that comes to mind is:


    15. Michael on Thu, December 31, 2009

      Rick Warren is asking for $900,000 by tomorrow (Jan. 1). At least he didn’t blame it on the devil, he basically said, ‘yall didn’t give enough.’

      Maybe Parsley and Warren could bring in Furtick and he could raise a couple of mil in a weekend.

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