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    The Barak Obama Bible Cover.  Get Yours Today.

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    The Barak Obama Bible Cover.  Get Yours Today.

    I think I may wait to get mine at Big Lots in the $.99 bin later this year.  They'll make great Christmas presents.

    Think I'm kidding?  Check it out here... Only $24.00 (plus shippinging and handling).


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    1. Peter Hamm on Fri, October 16, 2009


      I almost want to get one for one of my uber-conservative friends as a gag…

    2. David Buckham on Fri, October 16, 2009

      Pastor Appreciate month:

      I want to get it and put a Message Bible in it and give it to the pastor near here who only reads a certain Bible and preaches against a certain President.  He would probably burn it like last year though…

      Never mind it would be a waste.

      all about Christ,
      David Buckham

    3. CS on Fri, October 16, 2009

      This would be funny if it wasn’t for how people are actually worshiping Obama.  I heard an audio clip from some Episcopalian church recently where they would ask for something like social justice, borrowing from their book of prayers, and appending each plea with, “Hear our prayers, Obama.”  Unreal.


    4. David on Fri, October 16, 2009

      Wow.  Don’t know exactly what to say to this.  On the one hand I find this absolutely hilarious, on the other hand it saddens me because I fear that people are not turning to the Lord in their times of trouble but are turning to their President.

    5. John B. Olson on Fri, October 16, 2009

      I’m curious. I don’t know you yet, but would you have had the same attitude publishing a blog about a Ronald Reagan Bible cover?

      I’m just trying to understand the source of the humor.

      John B. Olson

    6. April on Fri, October 16, 2009

      How can Obama be on a Bible cover when he is obviously NOT a Christian - and stands against what the Bible teaches. Shameful…

    7. sgillesp on Fri, October 16, 2009

      OK, I’m going to go nuts here.  In what way do you conclude that Obama is NOT a Christian??  The man has put his faith in Christ and confessed it publicly (if you doubt this, try the audio version of his book where he is the one reading it!).  He is attempting to love God with his whole heart, soul, mind and strength and to love his neighbor.  If he comes to a different conclusion from you about certain political policies, he may even be WRONG, but that does not make him unsaved.  Just like you may be wrong about a few things, but your salvation is not in question if you have put your faith in Christ.  The Bible says you should not judge the servant of another (e.g., Christ), so lay off already.

    8. Kevin Holland on Sat, October 17, 2009

      I would have thought that a similar Bible cover depicting Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, et al., would have been equally as silly.

    9. bishopdave on Sun, October 18, 2009

      Neither Reagan, Carter, Clinton, nor any Bush had their picture on a Bible cover.

      However, he is the president, I hope he does encourage us to pray.

    10. RevEric on Mon, October 19, 2009

      I think it’s just silly.

    11. Kirk on Mon, October 19, 2009

      I’m speechless!!!

    12. Jon on Mon, October 19, 2009

      I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

    13. Oliver on Mon, October 19, 2009

      How can anyone judge someone’s heart and say Obama isn’t a christian?  By that logic neither was George Bush Jr, in fact there have been several excellent books written on the fact that George Bush said all the right things but in private isn’t a religious man at all, he just likes to cite God alot to play to the gullible republican right wingers.  Obama is a christian, and actually unlike Bush, acts like a christian.  Bush uses vulgar language, he started wars, he dropped bombs on innocent people, George Bush wasn’t not only not a christian but by his actions we can say he is definitely NOT a christian.  of course, I don’t judge I am just using the same critieria used on this post.  Finally, republicans have been worshipping Reagan for years, now its time for the democrats to have a chance so what goes around comes around.  Get used to it!

    14. Jon on Mon, October 19, 2009

      Oliver—God knows Obama’s heart, and humans don’t.  However, remember that when people question Obama’s actions, they aren’t necessarily endorsing Bush’s actions either. 

      It is quite legitamate however, to question Obama’s motivations and actions.  Considering Obama’s first official action was signing a bill promoting the murder of unborn children, its not surprising that people question his religious beliefs.

    15. Oliver on Tue, October 20, 2009

      Some christians believe abortion isn’t murder, first because the bible doesn’t say when life begins, does it begin at conception? how about implamentation? how about the heart beat or brain waves? when does life end for that matter.  Furthermore, in cases or rape or incest when the mothers life is at stake?  there are no easy answers here, but we try to make it a black and white one.  I personally don’t believe abortion is murder, I don’t think conservative christians are listening to the other side.  So, because I believe in abortion what does that mean? am I a christian? I asked Jesus into my heart and have a personal relationship with him.  Yet as a matter of policy I disagree with what some christians believe on abortion.

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