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    The Megachurch MOVIE

    The Megachurch MOVIE

    According to the Christian Today Movies Blog, Morgan Mead, a young Christian filmmaker from Indiana, wanted to know. Why are there so many megachurches, what's the phenomena all about, and just what is their role in American Christendom? Mead pursues answers to these questions, and more, in The Alpha and the Mega, now available on DVD.

    In a recent interview, Mead explained why he decided to look into the megachurch mythos . . .

    "My wife and I were in Kentucky, and we were looking for a church to go to," he told Metromix Indianapolis. "We went to this enormous church and it was unlike anything I've ever seen. I grew up in smaller churches. It was interesting to me, so I started researching. What I found is that there is a lot of disagreement about their tactics and the way they do things versus a smaller type church."

    The trailer doesn't look to me like this will be much of a favorable depiction of megachurches. 



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    1. Tim Stevens on Fri, November 06, 2009

      Todd—I’ve seen the entire movie. It’s actually pretty balanced. I spent 3 hours with Morgan Mead during his research, and found him to be legitimately looking for information about megachurches.

      I encourage everyone to watch this.

    2. Shawn Wilson on Tue, December 29, 2009

      Wasn’t the early church a mega church?

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