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    What is your Current Greatest Leadership Challenge

    What is your Current Greatest Leadership Challenge

    Brad Lomenick shares a great question:  What is your current greatest leadership challenge?  Brad admits that his is delegating.  Mine, I think, is perfectionism.  I can way overwork a project, taking 50% of my time to complete it, and an additional 50% to tweak and try to make it perfect.

    I admit, I don't do this in every project... just a few... but it drives me crazy, and costs me a lot of time.

    What's YOUR biggest current leadership challenge?  What are YOU working on?



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    1. Jan on Wed, January 27, 2010

      Mine might be because of where we live. 
      I really struggle with FINDING people who are able to lead.
      I would love to pass ministry on and that’s never been a problem for me.  But we have an abundance of people who have so many major issues when they come to Christ, that it takes years to wade through it.  Serving isn’t even on their radar.  So, the few who do serve are getting very burned out.
      I guess it’s really that we need to ask the Lord of the Harvest to send the laborers.

    2. Tommy on Wed, January 27, 2010

      Being in a church revitalization endeavor, recruiting leaders that were not a part of what got the church to the point it is in.  Energetic, big picture leaders are the biggest struggle.  When people do want to get involved in leadership, they have their own agenda and that doesn’t always line up with the mission of the church.

    3. Another anonymous guy on Wed, January 27, 2010

      Getting people to like me a lot!

    4. Jerry on Thu, January 28, 2010

      I have a fabulous group of people that I lead, but keeping them continually upbeat and motivated can be a challenge. The need to constantly re-invent and provide ‘newness’ is a test of creativity that often escapes me. How can I be so creative in one area, yet so non-creative in others?

    5. Paul Casey on Thu, January 28, 2010

      Not becoming indispensible. With a revolving door that I have trouble closing due to the line of people outside it, it is difficult to keep up with email and tasks and paperwork due to the fires to put out. I know I need to empower more, and it’s not an ego thing.

    6. Oliver on Mon, February 01, 2010

      When I realized that the church I was in was spiritually bankrupt, then I realized most Christians were spiritually bankrupt, then I realized most church growth leadership was spiritually bankrupt, i finally realized all the ‘hype’ and programs was designed to try to prop up a complete lack of spirituality.  it was hollow with most leaders being completely clueless as to what the church was about and basically running from program to program in utter desperation.  I now look back and see it and laugh, its so comical!  The problem is that most people when faced with this reality only get angry, defensive and try to silent the prophet…sigh…that is the real problem.  I know I’ve been part of the problem because i just get frustrated sometimes, but how do you get these self absorbed, egotistical, selfish, stuck on themselves, “cool” dudes of church leadership to realize how ridiculously lame they are and how they have missed the kingdom for most of their lives???

    7. Steve Long on Mon, February 01, 2010

      Oliver, You have defined the problem well. The solution is to do the mission itself without all of the fluff and invite others along on the mission. “Going in to all the world, preach the Gosple, baptising people into my (Jesus’) name, teaching them to observe all I have commeanded you and lo, I am with you until the end of the age.” This is the mission Jesus said he was with us on. Somehow we got distracted and stuck on ‘financial freedom”, conservative politics, and local church empires.
      What did Jesus command us that we must instruct others in? Being great in God’s Kingdom by… presiding over a mega….oops, off track again…being a servant of all, loving one another, giving to meet needs, remember the amazing power of Jesus’ death and resurrection but communally sharing the cup and loaf, praying and reproducing spiritual descendants. Somehow western churchiness has elbowed that out of the way. We don’t teach servanthood because we view ministry participants as vlolunteers (a word that is not connected to any christian activity in the New Testament.
      It is useless to look around you with eyes wide open and lament. Get to work as a joyful servant sharing in the great work that God has given us to do. Find some needs that you can meet and not just in the church community. Love others with the investment of your life in theirs. The visible church in the U.S.of A. is in a very goofy stage right now and has lost the ability to see itself the way that the non-beleiving community sees it.

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    9. Shawn Wilson on Thu, February 04, 2010

          I thought this blog was updated every Monday?  What’s up?

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