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    Will the Church Embrace/Condone Gays and Lesbians in the Near Future?

    Will the Church Embrace/Condone Gays and Lesbians in the Near Future?

    Take a look at this video and let me know what you think.  This guy is talking about the changes in the Pentecostal church in Australia, but I think it's pertinent to the church in the US as well.


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    1. Anonymous� on Tue, January 12, 2010

      Are you kidding me? Jesus marching in a parade with those who refuse to repent of their lifestyles� that�s a long reach� Jesus is God incarnate in flesh� therefore; He wouldn�t have gone against the holiness of God. �I and My Father are One�� Repentance is what Jesus taught and exemplified� when you consider His earthly life, after many miracles these very words were proclaimed by Him, �go and repent no more�� �thy sins be forgiven� go and sin no more�� Jesus couldn�t/can�t ever approve of something God disapproves/disapproved of�

      It doesn�t matter how a person comes to God� but through Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit� one can�t remain the same� for many to exclaim to be in Christ and they�re still practicing homosexual acts questions ones relationship with God� sin is a choice� not something forced upon a person� and if one chooses to deliberately live sinful lifestyles, then one chooses to be out of fellowship with God�
      We�re to embrace them� but instill God�s life transforming Word in their lives� (For the record, that�s for any sinner�)

    2. Jessica on Tue, January 12, 2010

      Our church has taken an OFFICIAL position that “Homosexuality is an issue that has been debated SCRIPTURALLY for years.  We are not an issues-based church, and although we value monogamy, we will not tell anyone who they can and can’t love.”

      We hear many Christians scream, “You can’t ignore Scripture!”  We know that, but we also can not ignore “Scriptural Debate” any longer.  We find that many people are not aware of a Scriptural debate, nor are they aware of any potential mistranslation (the source of all debate), and THAT lack of awareness becomes the root of their vehement opposition to homosexuality within the church.

      Things must change if we are going to reach those who are not like us.

      Well done, Todd.  Thanks for asking.

    3. Peter Hamm on Tue, January 12, 2010

      Jessica, although I disagree that there is a mis-translation issue at all (I really feel that that issue is a case of eisogesis and historical revisionism at best), you state one thing that I can’t agree with more strongly!

      “Things must change if we are going to reach those who are not like us.”

      AMEN! I would only add to that, for myself, that I can do that without necessarily changing what I believe about morality, the Bible, etc. In other words, focus more on loving the sinner without necessarily ceasing to hate the sin.

    4. Jessica on Tue, January 12, 2010

      Peter-I don’t mind that you do not believe there is a mistranslation.  That, of course, is a very common position.  However, you can not ignore that there is DEBATE about a potential mis-translation OR change of culture.

      We have chosen to create an environment based on the realization that very scholarly people are entitled to interpret the bible in very different ways.  And that we are supposed to love each other through that interpretation and conviction, open to the possibility that we may not have all the answers yet.

    5. Jessica on Tue, January 12, 2010

      I highly recommend (for those who are willing to stretch) a book called “Love is an Orientation” by Andrew Marin.  It’s about building bridges between the church and the Gay & Lesbian Community.  (It’s written by a straight, married man in case that matters to anyone.)

      It’s got some great examples of what bridge-building IS and IS NOT.  Good stuff!

    6. Jim Jacobson on Wed, January 13, 2010

      Hmmm, I would not argue with the premise. We need to focus on teaching the word of God, and let it speak for itself. As Christians, we should desire to minister to all people, however we should never condone what God has declared sin.

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