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    Your Church’s Staff Meeting…

    Your Church’s Staff Meeting…

    Your weekly church staff meeting is the most important meeting of the week. It is an opportunity to gather key staff leaders to celebrate victories, identify missed opportunities, communicate dates and plans, and keep focused on your stated vision and purpose.

    In an article by Craig Webb over at LifeWay, Craig offers the following things to consider about your staff meetings:

    1. We will make our weekly staff meeting a priority.

    2. We will follow a pre-set agenda and have a designated meeting leader.

    3. We will leave our mobile phones off and agree about computer use during meetings.

    4. We will focus on the one person who is speaking and give them our full attention.

    5. We will not use staff meetings to attack or embarrass to get our way.

    6. We will celebrate the work God is doing in and through us by mutual encouragement.

    7. We will end the meeting with agreement on next actions and persons accountable for those actions, and the time frame in which they are to be completed.

    You can read more here.

    What do YOUR church staff meetings look like?  Are they regular?  Organized?  Eventful?  Beneficial?  How could you improve yours?



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    1. Jade Rogers on Tue, January 19, 2010

      Or meetings are not like that at all.  We just go around the room and we the staff are to bring up anything that is important to the whole group.  We rarely calendar.

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