He’s Back!  ‘KJV Man’ Takes on NewSpring & Perry Noble…

Orginally published on Wednesday, March 12, 2008 at 9:21 AM
by Todd Rhoades

Remember this guy? Well, now he's taken his sights off how to go to the bathroom and turned them on NewSpring and Perry Noble. Personally, after I watched this, I think this guy is saying these things to get picked up on blogs like this one. And I think he's a closet rocker (as many times as he does the voice). And... interesting... of the 20 people listening to him, they know what Guitar hero and Dance Revolution are. It was always my experience growing up in a church like this that most everyone knew the culture VERY well, we just didn't talk about it in church (we just talked about how evil it was, then went home and played the equivilent of guitar hero). At least he didn't say Perry pees sitting down.

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HT:  Tony Morgan

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  • Posted by

    Let me get this straight. This KJV guy makes fun or Perry and criticizes Newspring, Tony Morgan posts it on his blog which you obviously got this from. Then you and other commenters on Tony Morgan’s site start critcizing and tearing down this guy’s ministry. Ironic esp after seeing the article on how Charles Barkley doesnt like hypocritcial christians and here you display hypocritical behavior.

    Nice. I wonder if this comment section will be filled with the type comments that are over at Tony Morgan’s site.

    But before i go, let me ask you about the content of the commentary you provided:

    1. How do you know the amount of people listening to this KJV guy? And are you trying to make a disparaging remark by saying only 20 people are listening to him. Does size of a congregation matter as to the content of what a preacher has to say?
    2. If you think this guy is just making these statements to draw attention to himself then why do you give him the platform of your blog? So you and others can mock and ridicule him?
    3. what do you base your assesment of the congregation on and their knowledge of the culture? Are you saying that your experience in the church you grew up in is the basis for assesment of all churches like this one?

    Sorry to interrupt the bashing that is about to commence in this echo chamber

    carry on

  • Posted by Todd Rhoades

    Hey Sam,

    Thanks for your comment.

    1.  How do I know the amount of people there?  Good question.  I don’t.  I based my statement on the look of the room (it looks like a very small room; and you could hear a baby googling that was just as loud as the speaker).  OK… there may be 30 there, not that it makes a difference how many people are there.  I didn’t make a disparaging remark about the number 20 being bad.  I think you may have done that.

    2.  Because it’s my blog and I can.  smile Really, Sam, if you haven’t been around here long, you know that one of the topics I discuss alot is my upbringing in a very fundamentalist, legalistic upbringing.  So, I can identify with this pastor.  I sat under leaders like him for years.  Why do I give him a platform?  That’s why… I can understand where he’s coming from (really, I can); and yes, I do find the conclusions he comes to mildly amusing.

    3.  Uh… yeah, as a general statement.  I’m just speaking from personal experience here… the churches that I was a part of were all like that (that’s why I’m not a part of church’s like those anymore).  That’s not to say that they’re not all great people who love Jesus… they are.  And Jesus loves them as much as he does me.  My only point is that many from that type of church feel they are the only ones that are correct; and tend to bash and disassociate from people who don’t believe exactly like they do.  Isn’t that the whole reason he shared the Perry Noble story with his church?

    While I may disagree with this pastor, I don’t bash him and condemn him to hell.  I’m not sure he’d give me the same courtesy.

    Again, this is a blog, not the New York times… try not to parse out every word of every sentence to find hidden meanings… because quite frankly, there aren’t any.


    Have a great day!



  • Posted by

    Sam, what do you think about KJV guy and his message?  Just wondering.  That said I just want to know why Jack from Lost is so mad.

  • Posted by

    1. If the number of people there doesnt matter or is irrelevant then why do you even speculate about how many people are in attendance. BTW, i have listened to podcasts from very large churches and could hear babies very clearly in the background.
    2. So you support people tearing down this man like you see over at Tony Morgan’s blog. And you will condone the same thing on your blog? So you are saying that your only motivation by posting this was because you identify with this pastor? You didnt post this so you and others could laugh at and mock this man?
    3. AND you see alot of that same sort of bashing going on today in churches like Newspring and Elevation. They continually bash more traditional and fundamental churches all the while crying foul that they are being criticized. Rocks are being thrown in both directions. But you represent it as a one way affair here on your website which of course like you said you are free to do. But be aware that more civilty and brotherly love needs to occur on both sides. It is VERY hypocritical for people to bash this man because he bashed Perry and Newspring. What was his motivation for mentioning Newspring and Perry? I am not 100 percent certain and neither are you.

    You ARE bashing this man by negatively implying certain facets of this. Was the 20 people in the congregation not a jab? Then you say he would condemn you to Hell. Really? Did you hear him say that Perry was going to Hell? Again, a reaching assumption to mask your ridicule of this man and the church where he serves.

  • Posted by Todd Rhoades

    Hey Sam,

    I’m not gonna get into a blow by blow with you over this pretty insignificant post, so here are some of my last comments:

    My point to size was only to mention that he’s reaching many more people through the internet (INCLUDING this blog) than he is in person.  In reality, that’s cool.

    I haven’t read the comments at Tony’s blog, so I can’t reply to that one.

    And you’re correct… for every assumption that I make about this man, you make two about me.  Seems like we need to call it a draw.

    Seriously, Sam, you take me a lot more seriously than I take myself.  smile

    Gots to get some work done.


  • Posted by

    Sam, I agree that it would be very easy to be drawn into a bashing thread, and you are wise to caution us against it.  That said, I think it is okay for us to evaluate the truth of what he said without making it personal.  Here are some interesting conclusions that COULD be drawn from this sermon:

    1.  People who flash the “rock-on” sign are really Satan worshippers.  True or False?
    2.  Skinny, long-haired guitar players are perverts.  True or False?
    3.  Contemporary = liberal = no souls saved or baptized.  True or False?
    4.  Mega churches = what’s wrong with this country.  True or False?
    5.  Old-fashioned services = spirtual maturity.  True or False?

    I think that statements that any authority figure makes (such as a pastor) in a public forum (such as church and/or UTube), are subject to fair evaluation.  And, as any fair-minded person can see, the above statements do not hold up under the light of truth.

  • Posted by bobby

    “That’s not even a Christian song...”

    I’ve always wondered how exactly a song gets saved.

    And by the way, I kinda agree with Sam.  You probably shouldn’t have said there were 20 people in the room.  You don’t know that, and by my first impression, you’ve probably doubled his congregation with that number.  Not that that’s a bad thing, of course.

  • Posted by Rev Scottie

    How many times have you heard an IFB pastor begin a sermon with “I have a friend, but I’m not going to call their name”? They love to tell exaggerated stories from mysterious sources. For someone so opposed to using contemporary culture he sure seems to know a lot about it including using slang such as “man” and “stinking” in his sermon. Notice the only time he used the bible during this 9 minute tirade was to throw it onto the pulpit for emphasis. Talking about numbers… there must be something wrong with 8000 people following Christ as many times as he mentions it? I hardly think that the members at Newspring are flashing the debil sign either. Notice how the definition of love is reduced to preaching to the poor but he never mentions feeding or caring for the least of these.

  • Posted by

    First off, I LOVE this blog! I’ve been lurking for quite a while and finally decided to jump in and comment. Thanks for creating this space!

    With that said, rather than continue the speculation on numbers and room size, I thought I’d share a photo posted on the Faithful Word Baptist Church site:
    Photo of congregation.

    For what it’s worth, some amazing leaders are reached with the gospel by small, rural churches. Who knows, the next Billy Graham could be saved at Faithful Word… not that it would matter since, according to Pastor Anderson’s 6/24/07 sermon, Dr. Graham is headed for hell.

    I spent some time on the church site, blog, and his family blog. It seems like they have “enemy-confusion.” Pastor Anderson, if you’re reading this, please know that Perry and Tony are not your enemy. I am not your enemy. We all have a common enemy, and I believe that puts us on the same team. I also believe you should spend the time and energy preaching the Gospel and building up your congregation that you currently invest in tearing down others.

  • Posted by Jason Curlee

    WoW Todd....you seem to have hit a nerve with Sam.

    My impression is when I watched this along with the first video I got the same impression as you.  I don’t feel you are downing the guy by the size of crowd you implied.

    In my opinion this guy is pressing for attention and/or fame as he specifically targets portions of his message for youtube that are controversial.

    I really don’t see the purpose behind what he is trying to sell.  He’s not going to change “Newspring or Perry”.  And really he’s not even preaching the gospel.  Just his opinion based on how he sees the bible.

    What is sad is that he doesn’t focus on reaching people vs. trying to convince people that “mega-churches” are “evil”.

  • Posted by Peter Hamm

    1. He is preaching (in a public forum since it is posted on YouTube) against a church he hasn’t personally visited… as a point in a sermon, perhaps a main point? This is reason enough to respond publicly.

    Plus… Sorry, but I don’t see the point.

    Luke 9: 49-50

    Phillipians 1:18

  • Posted by Peter Hamm

    Holy cow, his church actually has the belief that the KJV is the inspired word of God in his statement of doctrine.


  • Posted by Michael

    1.  think it’s pretty funny how he knew the unchristian song.

    2. he says “like” a lot.

    3.  I didn’t know that liberal churches had rock bands and never baptized people.

    4. if using rock music is secular, then posting videos on youtube is secular.

  • Posted by

    Speaking of the food groups what about fruit and nuts?  I am not sure how I feel, seems like there is alot of time spent telling people what not to do, who not to listen to and how to properly use the toilet, If I just listened to these threads could I come to know Christ, or how I could walk more like Him? ( I ask that about my own speaking as well).  Im not sure but it seems like I know more about what techniques make him mad than about the scripture.

  • Posted by Eric Joppa

    Hey Todd,

    the pic that Matt posted a link to actually has 18 people visible in it. Count the photographer and maybe one more in the corner out of view, and that’s 20. How dare you make such an accurate prediction!

    All joking aside, I am heartbroken for the people of that church and their children. If what we see on youtube is an accurate representation of what is being preached week in and week out, than I think Jesus is grieved. Those poor souls are not being prepared for the work of the Gospel of Peace, but being told to preach the Gospel of judgement. That is actually sad.


  • Posted by Derek

    I know one thing. This guys pees standing up!

    I am not going to bash the guy. I may chuckle a bit, but I can’t bash the guy, but it I can’t help, but to laugh at how silly it is for us to attack other churches and pastors. And no this not an attack on KJV man, it is attack on his approach of teaching his brand of Christianity.

    Someone needs to sing KJV man this song:

    Why can’t we be friends?
    Why can’t we be friends?
    Why can’t we be friends?
    Why can’t we be friends?

    The color of your skin don’t matter to me
    As long as we can live in harmony

    Why can’t we be friends?
    Why can’t we be friends?
    Why can’t we be friends?
    Why can’t we be friends?

    War (1974)

    Uh, oh...that’s not a Christian Song either!


  • Posted by Derek

    Sorry for the “buts” in that post, let me try again.

    I may chuckle a bit, but I canít bash the guy. I canít help laughing at how silly it is for us to attack other churches and pastors.



  • Posted by kent

    (Heavy Sign) (Shaking head) No wonder we are always seeming to have push up hill. Oh well, let him go.

  • Posted by wonderingfellow

    And we have to love this guy.  Love him in a way that shows compassion for him.  He was raised to to get angry like this.  He saw it in the church that he came from.  He’s encouraged by the people that he knows and his mentors to think this way.  He has a single understanding of what Christ calls us to and it’s tradtion and old-time religion more than love. 

    Yeah we’ve got to love him. Show him that he may not agree with our ideas but he can’t argue with our love and if he does argue with our love then we know were his heart is.

    Maybe we should all send him an email that says “We’re sorry that you are offended by our ideas, but we love you and will honor you.” I challenge everyone to send him an email and simply say that and then sit down and pray for him.  His church’s email address is .  Lets fill his inbox with love.

  • Posted by Peter Hamm


    GREAT idea! I’m in!

  • Posted by

    You wanna know how slow I can be?  I didn’t get the Jack from “Lost” reference until 6 minutes into the message.  Maybe if Kate sang in the choir they’d have more worshipers?

  • Posted by Adam McLane

    Am I the only one that looks at the entire production and says… this is just a fun hoax. His site, youtube page, etc remind me of http://www.landoverbaptist.org/

    For as “famous” as this whole thing is… has anyone actually gone to the services? I think if you look at what he’s doing with the label of “parody” it gets a lot easier to bear.

    I can’t help but look at the high quality video and his Stephen Colbert style delivery and think… this is just a really, really well done hoax.


  • Posted by

    He made some good points believe it or not. He also made some bad points.

    So long as he doesn’t lead his people into the bondage of legalism, I think he’ll do ok. Beyond that, it would help him to stop judging others with the “We’re the only ones doing this right” mentality.

    Oh, and do some actual research into what makes a translation, where the different translations have come from, and the errors in the 1611 version of the KJV.

    Other then that, I just hope he continues to follow Christ the best he knows how, and I sincerely hope that he’s successful in winning the lost for J.C., our Lord and Savior. ^_^

  • Posted by

    I was looking at Pastor Anderson’s church website doctrinal statement and it says, “We believe only in the local church and not in a universal church.” Can someone explain to me what that means exactly?

  • Posted by Peter Hamm


    Our KJV-only friends will be able to explain away anything you say about the translation of the KJV Bible in dizzyingly non-intellectual ways every time, so that won’t work.


    No. No one can explain that, because it’s ridiculous.

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