Church Video Ideas:  PC or Mac?

Orginally published on Thursday, September 04, 2008 at 7:30 AM
by Greg Atkinson

Greg Atkinson writes, "Let the wars begin! Just kidding. Actually, I ask the question because I think the answer (for most churches) is BOTH. I just talked with 2 guys that do video at 2 different larger churches and they use both Avid and FinalCut.

In the world of Church IT (which I’m blogging about this week on my blog), there seems to be a either-or mindset and after talking to a few geek friends, plus Tony Steward (who is just too fun to call a geek, but he knows his stuff) - they seem to believe that church networks can have a happy marriage of PCs and Macs.

I wonder: is this your reality? Is your church all PC? all Mac? Are you a hybrid? What’s your situation? My church is predominately PC, but the whole Worship & Arts/production staff is Mac and after talking to several of our pastors, they’d like to be Mac, too. I wonder if you, like me, since we’re at a tipping point...

HERE’S an article that I wrote almost a year ago for Monday Morning Insight. I was shocked at how much attention it got. It was obvious I had hit a nerve/hot button. So, what say you? PC? Mac? Both? Are you near a tipping point? Do you think both can live happily together on a church network? Are Exchange and Entourage incompatible? Are they either-or options or does that even matter? Let me hear ya!

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Greg Atkinson lives in Dallas with his wife and their three small children. Greg served previously as the Director of WorshipHouse Media, after having served as a worship pastor for 11 years. Greg is now the Director of Technical Arts at Bent Tree Church and continues to consult, teach and write about worship, media, leadership and creative communication. You can connect with him through his daily blog at GregAtkinson.com

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  • I would suggest you go with a MAC, as said above they are cheaper and are free of viruses.

  • Posted by James Keller

    I think PC’s are good as they used more widely and the variety of applications available for the PC is much larger than that of the MAC, also the support is better than MAC.

  • Posted by bridal showers

    Since Vista has come out we are definitly anti PC. With Macs now being capable of booting in either Leopard or a Windows XP you load this seems like the absolute obvious choice. You can still be compatible with your old PC stuff but have the better performance of the Mac.

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