The Renewed Mind Is The Key…To Bad Dancing

Orginally published on Thursday, September 11, 2008 at 7:58 AM
by Todd Rhoades

I'm not quite sure how to describe this... maybe you can help me with a description...

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  • Posted by Mike Ellis

    Bad is an understatement.

    I’ve got another example of unhip Christian music at my blog. Be sure to check it out.

  • Posted by

    I have a new discipline strategy for my kids.  I will force them to watch this. Thanks.

  • Posted by TJ

    I needed a good laugh… What’s next, the McCamey’s breakdancing to “God on the Mountain?”

  • Posted by Peter Hamm

    That was painful.

    Thanks for totally ruining my day.


  • Posted by nathan

    I think I saw some sampling of:
    -The Osmond Brothers
    -Michael Jackson (bad moonwalk)
    -’The Carlton’ (Think: Fresh Prince of Bel Air)
    -Backstreet Boys

    Who else am I missing?

  • Posted by

    Hey, what ever works...if this speaks to one person....well then...I say”...DANCE ON”...AND SING LOUD!!!!

  • Posted by

    That ‘s sick!

  • Posted by

    Wow!  I mean Wow!  I mean Scary!

    I have a few questions…
    What’s with the funky set?  Do they have Bavarian version?

    And what’s with the two keyboards at Stage Right an Stage Left?  That say “Present” and “Truth” on them.  Is there a significant meaning to them?


  • Posted by bobby

    Actually Nathan, I was thinking the dance break looked kinda like some bad cross between John Travolta and Michael Jackson!

  • Posted by

    I wouldn’t say that the dancing is so bad—but when it’s done by clean-cut white people trying to be cool, it’s just disturbing.

  • Posted by

    I just gave up my faith!!

  • Posted by

    Okay I confess to morbid curiosity and had to find this group, thinking that this had to be old.
    This was done a year ago in 2007!

    These people still have all their hair and are doing this stuff today. 

    Now that truly is scary!

  • Posted by bobby

    Hey Jan, where’s the link to the group?  I couldn’t find them.

    I did however find a lot of info on The Way International, the copyright at the end.  Looks like it’s the same as the cult, not believing in the Trinity, but that Jesus was just a perfect human being.  Intersting sidenote, that’s all.

  • Posted by

    Another example of why Christians and Crack should never be mixed!!!!

  • Posted by

    If this is an attempt to be culturally relevant...just what “culture” is it...be afraid, very afraid!

  • Posted by missional girl

    let this be a lesson to those who are thinking of starting their own cult: false teachinig leads to bad dancing---no, HAWRIBBLE dancing

  • Posted by CindyK

    I’m with you Lois Janke.

    The people performing were obviously enjoying themselves, and I’m going to bet that some other people were too. 

    If something doesn’t appeal to me I just don’t watch.  But I guess it’s ‘hip’ to be snide.

  • Posted by

    Is that John Travolta?!

  • Posted by Shannon

    That is so cheesy and embarrassing!!  If you’re going to “spice it up” then change the music and the outfits.  It’s hard to believe it’s only a year old!!!!  I was thinking early 90’s at least!!!

  • Posted by

    The incongruity of the setting, the outfits, the singing and the dancing almost made me think it was a spoof...except somehow I don’t think it was.

    I saw a little pop-and-lock, a little samba, disco, and cha-cha-cha.  I wondered why the break dancing got left out, though.  I was a little disappointed that the gals didn’t spin around on their heads.

  • Posted by

    Todd I don’t care if it’s Friday, that aint funny and don’t ever post something like that again!

    Ok I lied, that’s stinkin hilarious.  They will know we are Christians by our love......and our dance steps!

  • Posted by Lyn Bell

    Things that make you go hmmmmmm…

  • Posted by

    Nora writes:
    “I was a little disappointed that the gals didnít spin around on their heads. “

    Actually, I was expecting their heads to spin around.

  • Posted by

    um, the tragic legacy of bill hybels??

  • Posted by Pastor Mac

    For the first time I can actually see the Elevator Music.  Thank You.

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