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    1970s McDonalds Commercial or 2009 Church Music Cantata… You Decide

    I think we should buy the rights to the music sound track; change the words; and then sell it to churches that still do 'cantata's for Christmas. We could make a few hundred dollars.

    What do you think?


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    1. rob on Fri, April 17, 2009

      definitely. it’d be a huge hit.

    2. CindyK on Fri, April 17, 2009

      Jetpacks… things DO come back!

    3. Kim on Mon, April 20, 2009

      Scarily accurate. LOL

    4. Kerry on Mon, April 20, 2009

      I remember a contest at my local McD’s…a free Big Mac to whomever could say the BM phrase is less than 5 you remember it?

      “Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun!”

      Try it!

    5. Tony on Fri, April 24, 2009


      Awesome and explains why I never “loved” the choir specials.

    6. Ken on Mon, April 27, 2009

      Hey: this commercial is 100 times better than the stupid, vulgar, insensitive to women, Burger King commercials featuring Sponge Bob!

    7. Gary Fizzano on Tue, April 28, 2009

      A few weeks ago my wife and I with our two children were driving somewehere. Our 15 year old daughter never had a Big Mac and wondered what was on it. No sooner then she said that my wife and burst out with the phrase, “Two all beef….” and did it in 3 seconds. My daughter just about laughed herself out of the car and was shocked as she never heard the phrase before! It totally blew her away and she thoiught she was in some sci-fi flick! Ahh, the 70’s were cool and now the parents get to prove it!!!

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