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    A Billion Minutes Reading the Bible in January?

    A Billion Minutes Reading the Bible in January?

    One billion minutes... that's the goal of for YouVersion and The Bible App during the month of January:  they'd love to see one billion minutes of recorded Bible reading from all of the users of their program.  According to their website:  Could we be the generation that reverses recent trends by making the story of God’s love for us a real and meaningful part of our daily lives? We hope you’ll join us in making this God-sized milestone a reality!

    I remember a few years back, talking with Bobby Gruenewald at a conference and having him tell me about their new 'project'.  It sounded really cool at the time.  To think that that idea will be responsible for ONE BILLION MINUTES of Bible reading in one month is remarkable.

    There is no doubt that many people have switched their Bible reading over from doing it from an actual book to reading using YouVersion on their computer or mobile phone.  But I wonder what percentage of these one billion minutes will be an increase from what people were doing before?  I know I use The Bible App often; and I do think it has increased my Bible reading overall for one simple reason... I ALWAYS have the Bible with me!

    I would encourage you to join in the challenge this month.  You can find more information right here.  If we really think the the Word of God has the power to change lives, then what impact might one BILLION minutes of Bible reading have on our churches, our communities, and our nation?

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