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    A Pastor’s Biggest Nightmare:  Pitching Your Tents

    I have no idea who this pastor is or where he is from (and, I'm sure that he would like to remain anonymous); but hopefully he is laughing along with everyone else.

    Here's the video link.  (Note:  It took awhile to load on my computer).

    And a word to the faint of heart.  This is not something you would normally hear from the pulpit; so please be warned.

    Have a great weekend.


    FOR DISCUSSION:  Have you ever had a 'slip of the tongue' while preaching? Care to share, or would you rather just forget?!

    Oh my goodness… I laughed until I cried.  Of course it could have been that it was late and I was in deep need of some sleep.  Have you ever said something while speaking that just didn’t come out right?  Well, so did this pastor…


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    1. Mary on Mon, October 10, 2005

      I heard a very well known pastor say “brutally married” when he meant “brutally murdered.”  He laughed a bit about Freudian slips and jokingly apologized to his wife.  Sadly, it came out not too long after that he had been an unfaithful husband over a period of years, so his wife might have felt she’d been brutally married.  It was funny and memorable at the time.

    2. Don on Mon, October 24, 2005

      I can’t help but believe this was intentional since I had heard this years ago while I was in seminary. The problem is that when I read that passage now I recall what happened before - I speak very slowly and distinctly or - it is easy to make the same mistake again.

    3. Dave on Sun, October 30, 2005

      I take care of videos, sound and lighting for youth events at a large church in Australia. Recently we took a small team to lead a service at a country church (mainly older people in the cogregation) where we decided to use Keith Green’s “O Lord You’re Beautiful” in the service. During the rehearsal, our worship leader somehow managed to sing “Your book of lies” instead of “Your book of books lies undisturbed.” It was hilarious and took about 5 minutes to get the rehearsal back on track!

      Thankfully the book of lies didn’t make an appearance at the service the following morning, but there would have been no problem as none of the locals would have had their hearing aids turned up enough

    4. Jamie on Wed, November 16, 2005

      Blake used to work in the same town I am serving in now. We worked together on several projects. To know him is to appreciate his humor and personality. Such a nice guy. That makes this video that much funnier.

      I used to only worry if my fly was open. Now I watch every word I say!

    5. Fred Johnson on Mon, November 28, 2005

      I heard a pastor preaching one Sunday and he warned us guys that having sex with a lot of different women leads to “sexual immortality.”


    6. Christy on Wed, January 11, 2006

      I have seen this before, but whenever I watch this it CRACKS ME UP.  I think his eyes are what really get me; when he realizes what he just said.  My dad’s a preacher & he says that sometimes, you just have to say “let’s pray & be dismissed”, because by then you’ve lost everyone & sometimes you just can’t get them back, no matter how hard you try.  It brightens my day everytime.

    7. Chuck Baker on Thu, February 15, 2007

      I can relate to this guy bigtime!  I’m a pastor now, but used to teach jr. high science.  One day I was teaching and had the bright idea of using an example—-“you wouldn’t want to pitch a tent on a sand dune”, but it didn’t come out that way.  If you think this church was laughing, you should have heard a class of 9th graders hooping and hollering.  I think they nominated me for teacher of the year following that episode!

    8. RevJeff on Thu, February 15, 2007

      I personally owon a “Ken Davis on becoming a better public speaker” (or whatever it was called) video series with this blooper…

      I was doing a funeral for the father/grandfather of some church members on an on again/off again deluge type - rainy day.  The funeral director and I had agreed that during the final prayer I would look out the windows of the church and that if it was raining we would share words of commital there in the sanctuary, proceed downstairs for some lunch and postpone the graveside service until later for the family….

      Finding it very much raining, I quickly opened my service manual to the graveside portion of the text (WHILE CONTINUING the prayer)…  I said “Amen,” explained the circumstance and then began to read the words of commital…  Now if you are a pastor you know that those changes of venue afford you the chance to shift gears… I didn’t, and being a little off, I read exactly what was printed… it went something like…

      “Our loving and gracious God, You have chosen to take (Bob) into your eternal presence, and so we commit his/her body to this ground…. ashes to ashes…. “ 

      I knew I had said it as soon as I started to say “his/her”… no one else noticed (or admited to) except for our associate pastor who began to giggle and had to leave the sanctuary to compose himself…

      The family, who always receives a copy of the service, now fully appreciates the humor of it… and they are very gracious.


    9. Leslie on Tue, December 23, 2008

      I recently preached on Jonah - apparently referred to him as Noah a few times.  Worst was when I referred to a “whale of a belly”.  Didn’t even know until someone told me later.

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