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    Aha!  40 Speakers.  Free Online Conference.  Register Today!

    Aha!  40 Speakers.  Free Online Conference.  Register Today!

    I've been working on the next iteration of online conferences for Leadership Network.  And here's what we've come up with...

    It's called Aha!

    It happens for four hours on Wednesday, March 3, and will feature 40 ministry leaders that will share their Aha! moments in ministry.  (You know an Aha! moment, right... when the light turns on, when you finallly hear from God, when you have a breakthrough that literally changes your life and your ministry).

    We've asked 40 people to share their biggest Aha! moments. 

    You'll hear how prayer has literally changed a city.

    You'll hear how the President of a major chain store started a church in the company headquarters.

    You'll be motivated and inspired as you learn from some great ministry leaders (many of who will be brand new to you) tell about life-changing moments in their ministry.

    I hope you'll join us for Aha!  In fact... I hope that you'll take the afternoon of March 3, and make it a staff event.  You can't beat it.  It's free.  You don't have to travel. And there will be plenty of discussion that can help change YOUR ministry.

    Just think of the value of gathering your staff to hear THEIR Aha! moments.  And having the occaision of sharing yours as well!

    What you need to do right now is register.  It's free.  (There is a premium option that gives you a full program book, speaker bios, full notes, etc if you like).  Just go here to register.

    (The conference is FREE, but you do need to register prior to March 3 to attend.)

    Also, once you're registered, please help us spread the word about Aha!.  You can twitter using the hashtag #AhaLN.

    Thanks... I hope you can join me on March 3.



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