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    And our New Pastor Is… Oh Wait, It’s a Secret…

    This is one of the things that always gets me about pastoral searches and announcements... the secrecy.  Now, I understand that there are t's to be crossed and i's to be dotted (like this pastor telling his church he's leaving before this is announced at Bellevue), but is it necessary to cover everything with this intense 'secrecy'.  Why do we feel it necessary to play 'secret pastor'?

    I guess, for me, the irony of this story is the story itself.  Rather than just wait and announce the new pastor on Sunday (and remove the 'secrecy' feeling in the first place), there is a pre-announcement saying that they have a chosen a new pastor... 'just can't say who he is'.

    "After eight months of praying, searching, watching and waiting, we are 100 percent united and 100 percent convinced he is God's man for Bellevue," said Chuck Taylor, chairman of the search committee... we just can't tell you who he is.  smile

    "He's a dynamic, anointed preacher with great vision and tremendous leadership ability."... we just can't tell you who he is...  smile

    So why go public with a pre-announcement announcement?  Maybe to get more Bellevue people to show up for the vote?  Maybe to promote unity?  I don't know (but I'd like to).

    Maybe we should start a pool here at MMIBlog on who the new pastor at Bellevue will be.  I'll start with the following odds:

    Jerry Falwall at 500:1
    Jim Henry at 300:1
    Benny Hinn at 1,000,000:1

    Todd Rhoades at 999,999:1 (right above Benny)

    Hey, it could happen.  smile  Todd 

    Interesting article in the Commercial Appeal about Bellevue Baptist Church’s choice of a new pastor to replace retiring Adrian Rogers.  This is a huge church… and one watched closely by many people.  The headline reads… Bellevue finds Rogers successor; TAGLINE:  Identity will remain secret until Sunday services…


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    1. bws on Wed, July 06, 2005

      I know who the new pastor is, he has preached their many times in the past a great guy, I figured he would go there,Its not that top seceret.

      Have a great day

    2. Todd Rhoades on Wed, July 06, 2005

      So you’re saying my picks were wrong bws?  Shoot.

      I can’t imagine that a secret this big could be kept a secret.

      Want to share the initials of the person?  Maybe the second letter of their last name?  (Just kidding)



    3. bernie dehler on Wed, July 06, 2005

      It’s just a teaser to get more attendance, like the TV news saying to stay tuned til after the commercial for some juicy info…


    4. bws on Thu, July 07, 2005

      He preaches now in a great church in the south east,  its a state close to MS and GA

    5. d smith on Fri, July 08, 2005

      The new Pastor will be Dr. Steve Gaines, presently at First Baptist Gardendale Alabama.

    6. boompa on Sat, July 09, 2005


    7. d smith on Sun, July 10, 2005

      told you so. It was a unanimous vote for Steve Gaines.

    8. Richard on Mon, July 25, 2005

      Well I’m glad that is settled the intruige (sp) was killing me or my desire to know.

      I knew it had to be someone who was a media player.


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