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    Bassist Convinced He’s the best Musician in the Worship Band

    "I'm way ahead of the other guys in terms of talent," he says during a break at Saturday worship band practice.
        Clark has played in a local rock band for 18 years, honing his bass-playing gift. The band has made several CDs and tours widely in the southwestern tip of Kentucky.
        Clark began lending his musical expertise to First Assembly 11 years ago, but at times gets fed up with the amateurs in the worship band.
        "The piano lady can only play notes you put in front of her," he says. "She can't jam. I'll be over there slapping and grooving, and these other guys look at me like, 'What? What?' They get so caught up in what I'm doing, they lose their place. I'm like, 'Dudes, play the worship music!'"
        Clark says he often feels he's "carrying the band," but he's committed to it as his ministry.
        "Everyone's got their cross," he says.

    This just in from  FRANKFORT—Jerry Clark can slap the bass with the best players in town. And as a member of First Assembly of God’s worship band, he’s convinced he’s better than anyone else on the platform…


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    1. danny on Tue, September 27, 2005

      i assume this is meant for humor as this guy’s “humility” is astounding!!

    2. Todd Rhoades on Tue, September 27, 2005


      Yes, this is a sarcasm piece.  It’s only funny because of some musicians I’ve met!


      PS—I’m a musician as well!


    3. danny on Tue, September 27, 2005

      Believe me, I can put several faces on this “description”.  I’m sure at times in the past it has been me.  Thank God for grace.

      I’m not judging…...just laughing!



    4. Josh Sargent on Tue, September 27, 2005

      LOL! You’ve got to love Lark News!  You won’t believe how many people will think this is real!

    5. PR on Tue, September 27, 2005

      I think I’ve played with this guy before…lol

    6. Andy on Tue, September 27, 2005

      Perhaps Clark needs to learn the concept of serving, love and real worship.  He may be the best, but he wouldn’t play in my church’s worship band.  Heart is far more important.

    7. bernie dehler on Thu, September 29, 2005

      I never heard of LarkNews before.  I thought this was serious when I read it too.  I went to their site, and like this one about the Prayer of Jabez destroying China:



    8. Dan Moore on Mon, October 03, 2005

      I hope this is a humorous piece.  Humility is absent. If he is the best then he should work with the others to bring them up to his level.  That means stooping down to their level.

    9. jonny on Mon, October 03, 2005

      Is that a pack of Marlborough’s on his amp? Maybe he lights up to help create a multi-sensory experience.

    10. Matt Perkins on Tue, October 04, 2005

      This sounds like something out of The Wittenburg Door.  I love it!  Nothing like a humble musician.  I wonder if he plays his best bass licks while the pastor is doing the announcements.

    11. MMDrummer on Tue, October 04, 2005

      You get what you pay for.

    12. Todd on Fri, October 14, 2005

      What a great story.  In fact, if you don’t forward this on to at least ten people within the next five minutes, you just don’t love Jesus!

    13. Jeff on Tue, March 07, 2006

      Bass players aren’t the best musicians in the Worship team, they are the ONLY musicians in the group.

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