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    1. Peter Hamm on Fri, October 24, 2008

      I’m trying to figure out how to use this as a sermon illustration.

    2. RevJeff on Fri, October 24, 2008

      You know they are really pastor’s wives too, because one plays the piano and they have those fancy place sttings on tehir tables, and…

    3. Richard on Fri, October 24, 2008


      You have justified your existence by posting this video.  Most fun I’ve had in a long time.

    4. Jan on Fri, October 24, 2008

      My husband has to pay our kids and myself $5 every time he mentions us in a sermon without prior permission.

      Our kids sit on the edges of their seats during sermons.

      I saw this video recently and passed it on to several pastor’s wives who are passing it on to their friends, and their friends are passing it on…

      Be very careful guys!

    5. Brian L. on Fri, October 24, 2008

      I had made a commitment long ago that I would only use my family in illustrations that painted them in a positive light.

      Of course, what I think is positive and what they think are positive might be different…

    6. Geoff on Fri, October 24, 2008

      Quite possibly the best musci video I’ve seen in a quite some time! It’s all the more funny because it hits a tad close to home!


    7. Mark on Sun, October 26, 2008

      Dude, this is awesome!! As a long-time pastor who loves country music almost as much as I love my family, this is a MMI chart-topper!


    8. David on Wed, October 29, 2008

      Too Funny!

      I admit,  I use my wife in sermon illustrations, but usually the reference to her sets me up for the fall.

      My Momma did not raise a fool, I got there all by myself with lots of practice!

      Thanks for the laugh, and the warning!

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