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    Changes in Church Staffing

    Changes in Church Staffing

    My friend Jim Sheppard has posted an interview with William Vanderbloemen and Justin Lathrop on how they see staffing issues changing in churches today. Here are some of the highlights:

    They are starting to see new staff positions emerging, particularly among the larger and more innovative churches. Examples: Pastor of Social Media, Pastor of Generosity.

    The role of the Executive Pastor seems to be expanding. More churches are hiring XPs these days.

    Campus Pastors for multi-site churches are still in big demand, but they are not merely administrative roles…many have to be gifted communicators as well to fill in the gaps with speaking.

    Succession is THE looming issue in the church.

    You can read more details here… it’s good stuff.

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    1. Terry Lange on Wed, February 09, 2011

      How about another change?  Churches are not hiring!  If they are, then they have some unrealistic expectations.  Most churches, even in a non-senior pastor role are requiring five years of experience.

      In my case, I am 41 years old and have a Bachelor’s Degree in Church Ministries, a Master of Arts in Theology/Biblical Exposition and a Master of Divinity degree.  In the last year, I have sent more than 15 resumes and I have not been granted an interview.

      I think the fact that churches are not hiring is a big change!

      Having three degrees in the theological world, does not help one land a job to support one’s family very well.

    2. JP on Wed, February 09, 2011

      15 resumes in one year is only about one a month….need to bump that up quite a bit. Unfortunately for many congregations, it is not WHAT you know…it is WHO you know. By the way, a handful of degrees does not equate to experience. If you have degrees and have never pastored a church and get the job, rest assured it is usually because of WHO you know and the burden then falls on the congregation to bear with you for a few years until you acquire ‘experience’ at their expense.  Working in the secular world until God directs you to a church will be the best thing for you. Far too many pastors haven’t a clue what it is like to work in the world. Unable to find a job even though you have degrees? Join the thousands!

    3. Jan on Wed, February 09, 2011

      I agree that churches are not hiring.  15 is not very many.  I have friends in ministry looking that have sent a couple of hundred with no response.  These are people with experience and a postive track record.
      It is definitely not a friendly market for position seekers.  And churches seem to want the apostle Paul, only younger, sexier, smarter and flashier.

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