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    Charles Spurgeon is my… Homeboy?

    Click here to see all the choices at the CenturiOn’s Pawn Shop

    There is no lack of creativity in the Christian marketplace. Take this "Charles Spurgeon is my Homeboy" t-shirt. Don't like Spurgeon? You can choose from your own favorite theologian then. (I'd order one, but they don't have the "John MacArthur is my Homeboy" t-shirt out yet. Go figure...


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    1. bishopdave on Fri, May 25, 2007

      I"m getting the Jonathan Edwards is my Homeboy—bright green, yellow, or organic cotton?? ALL 3!!!

    2. Debbie O' on Sat, May 26, 2007

      I think I’d go with Wycliffe.  I’m surprised they didn’t have William Wilberforce, with all the attention he’s gotten lately.

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