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    Christian ‘looters’ Destroy Sex Shops in New Orleans

    "If looters can rob electronics stores, then we can tear down satanic businesses," said Melvin Smith, a minister from Christ Cornerstone Ministries in Tupelo, Miss. His team of 19 Bible institute students methodically gutted a sex shop in the French Quarter, burning the contents in the street. They left a note posted on the wall: "They will call you the City of the Lord - Isaiah 60:14."
        Smith and others saw this as a golden opportunity for New Orleans to shed its partying past and be re-born in righteousness.
        "I'd like to see a politician stand up for places like this," he said. "People said the looters shouldn't be punished because it was an emergency situation. Well this is an emergency, too. A moral emergency."
        Two blocks away another Christian group emptied a tarot card reader shop, piling occult-related material in the street and dousing it with lighter fluid.
        "Thank you, Lord," said one as the flames reached 12 feet and higher.
        "Amen," said several others, tossing incantation books onto the growing bonfire. The police were nowhere to be seen.
        A minister from Alabama who would not give his name said his group was targeting places of "sexual and spiritual deviance." He had already "taken out" seven such businesses. His remaining targets: a psychic reader shop on Burgundy St., two sex shops and a strip club on Bourbon St., and a bookstore with voodoo-related books.
        "This hurricane could be the best thing God ever did for New Orleans," he said.

    Serious Question though... when (if ever) is it alright to go against the legal system to do something that you feel is right?  Have you ever done so?

    This is a piece of satire from  To be honest… I’m really suprised this didn’t happen:  NEW ORLEANS— Days after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, zealous Christians from several Southern ministries converged on the Big Easy to destroy every sex shop they could find…


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    1. Perry on Tue, October 04, 2005

      OK—I’m officially sick after reading this!  This is so Christ-like…after all, Jesus staged multiple government protests over the illegal occupation of the Romans.  He burned down their shops…

      I am at a loss for words!  This makes me sad and mad at the same time!

    2. Bart on Tue, October 04, 2005


      You need to post in big bold letters that Lark News is satire and humor organisation.  Nothing they print is true, just an attempt at humor.  Some readers may not know this.


    3. Todd Rhoades on Tue, October 04, 2005


      Thought I did… look at the first sentence.


    4. Perry on Tue, October 04, 2005

      Oops—that just set me off…must have skipped the first sentence AND someone spoke to me about a week ago saying they saw this on television.

    5. jack on Wed, March 29, 2006

      I am a minister and if this demonstrates the love of God to a sick and dying world, then I’ll have to find another God. I live in New Orleans the Hurricane was not sent by God nor was the destruction a blessing. It is tragic and what is even more tragic is the attitude, love ( or lack of it) that the church has for mankind. Because of attitudes like this I am staying in this area to build a church that will demonstrate the Love, Mercy and Grace of God. If anyone is interested contact me at [removed]
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      [removed]. Together lets build a belief among the people of New Orleans that God is not mad at them, He loves them with all of His Heart….. Jack

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