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    Church:  Jesus does not care

    Church:  Jesus does not care

    Another day, another church marketing campaign.  This one, by a church in Mansfield, includes a sign that simply says  It seems that even if Jesus doesn't care... some people in the community do; and they're not taking too kindly to the churches newest sign campaign.

    According to the pastor:  “We created something quite compelling, didn't we?”

    Here's the video from the local NBC affiliate:

    I'm thinking of starting a new business... ordering domain names that would be great for this kind of marketing campaigns, then selling them to churches.  Whatdaya think?

    Any suggestions for domain names I should snatch up?

    Maybe something like:






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    1. Michael Reid on Wed, October 20, 2010

      How about

    2. Leonard on Wed, October 20, 2010

      The idea is good and I get what the pastor is thinking.  There are people who will always be offended by pretty much any church that is trying stuff like this. 

      I am not sure I would have done this, but I have to assume he prayed this through.

    3. Mary on Wed, October 20, 2010

      How about: works just as well or

      also works

    4. Scott Couchenour on Wed, October 20, 2010

    5. Brian L. on Thu, October 21, 2010

      I’m with Leonard on this one.  I see what they’re trying to do - just not sure I would do the same.

    6. CS on Thu, October 21, 2010

      (Meanwhile, in Middle America, on an average Wednesday…)

      Lead Pastor: “We need to find a way to get our church more attention.”

      Worship Pastor: “We’ve tried Purpose-Driven stuff, popular sermons from other churches, and giving away cars.  What else could we do?”

      Teaching Pastor: “Maybe we can go share the Word with people in town and then they’ll want to come?”

      Lead and Worship Pastors: “Shut up, Ted!  That will never work.”


      Lead Pastor:  “I’ve got it!  Let’s put up a billboard with a vaguely-offensive message that sort of criticizes Christians or Jesus.”

      Worship Pastor:  “Yeah!  Something like, ‘God thinks you smell,’ or, ‘Jesus isn’t here.’”

      Lead Pastor:  “Hey, and we’ll get on the news and have a website to show how cool we are!”

      Teaching Pastor:  “Are you guys sure about this?  I think that maybe if we told people about Jesus and how He can free them from sin and Hell, maybe that will work.”

      Lead and Worship Pastors:  “Shut up, Ted!”

      Worship Pastor:  “I’ve got CNN on the phone already!  Let’s do it!”

      Lead Pastor:  “Hooray for us!”


    7. Peter Hamm on Thu, October 21, 2010

      I think it’s great and I think I would have done it, too. The people who are probably intrigued are the ones they want to reach and the ones who are offended are probably too easily offended and probably already church-goers.

      I think what he’s doing here is most likely telling people about Jesus and how he can free them from sin and Hell, actually.

    8. Eric Joppa on Thu, October 21, 2010

      I love these kind of marketing campaigns. I think that people in america get the overwhelming “church” message all the time. The Christian Church is such a huge part of our culture, wether the liberal media likes it or not. The problem with that is saying and doing things that CS would do is, alot of times, just “white noise.” There is truth in the need to “create something compelling” like the pastor said.

      And CS, I love you man, but I am never surprised at your comments on things like this. I would just love to hear something new out of you…;-)

    9. Eric Joppa on Thu, October 21, 2010

      Actually, CS, I take half of that back. I ready your comment again, and it is an incredibly creative way for you to say the exact same thing you always say.

      Good job!

      P.S. If you thought this pastor cares about looking cool, you obviously didn’t look at the video.

    10. Leonard on Thu, October 21, 2010

      CS, forgive me it this seems kind of harsh, but your post shows so little respect for pastors it is ridiculous. I find it offensive. 

      To put those motives on pastors shows that you really either do not get it or are so arrogant that you think you know what goes into the hearts of pastors. 

      Yup, pastors are just sitting around thinking I need attention… I need people to notice us… 

      I am actually so put off by your comment I need to stop.

    11. CS on Thu, October 21, 2010


      My post was sarcasm; Eric seemed to get that, too.  All I did was take things that people have actually used in the recent past to draw people into their churches such as giveaways and programs, and lumped it with this story.  And, this isn’t the first story to use a semi-disparaging sign, as we saw even another earlier this week. So, I was pointing out how trite and silly it was, even like Todd did in recommending potential website names and making bucks by staking them out and selling them.

      I can’t judge the hearts of pastors.  That’s not my job.  But I can say that there are some pastors out there that sure work to be cool, hip, relevant, and newsworthy through doing sensational things.  You’ve seen them, too, in perusing MMI longer than I have, I imagine.

      But the one point where I did include my own proclivities is focusing on doing simple outreach.  And I believe the basics are pretty effective in their own right.  We don’t have to do absurd, perhaps offensive things to get on the news in order to get our message out there or people in the door.



    12. Leonard on Thu, October 21, 2010

      Okay, I find your sarcasm offensive. 

      Almost 600k pastors in this country, your sarcasm to make a point becomes sarcasm that slanders the hard work of these men and women. 

      Of the 600k, how many do you think are trying to look cool?  This is not the first time you have said something to this effect.  I know thousands of pastors personally, NONE fit your sarcasm.  They are hard working people whose life and labor is spent trying to answer the call of God. 

      Your sarcasm shows disrespect to pastors across this country.

    13. Peter Hamm on Thu, October 21, 2010


      I also found your sarcasm harsh and even judgmental. I don’t think you really are that harsh or judgmental, but the statement seemed that way. Just by way of checking the way you come off, that’s all.

      I appreciate you, brother.


    14. Eric Joppa on Thu, October 21, 2010


      While I did understand that you were being satirical, I also agree with Leonard. In fact, I find your last comment self condemning.

      You write…“I can�t judge the hearts of pastors.  That�s not my job.  But I can say that there are some pastors out there that sure work to be cool, hip, relevant, and newsworthy through doing sensational things.”

      You say that you can’t judge the hearts of pastors, and then get right to judging pastors. the more you point fingers at others, the more you should be looking in the mirror. I would love to ask you to stop spec hunting. There is a plank to be dealt with… You may not care about being “cool” or “hip” but you have more than once attacked pastors saying various things about them without much knowledge more than the story you read.

      Come on buddy, we love you around here and none of us think we need to agree to get along. We love a diverse voice. But judge not lest you be judged. Judgement and slander is a sin….

    15. CS on Thu, October 21, 2010

      Okay guys, I’ll concede a little.  I tried making a funny while making a point, and it exceeded its bounds.  I apologize and ask your forgiveness.

      And to your point about judging hearts and such, Eric, I don’t think I condemned myself in the process.  Here’s why:

      There are pastors out there who do work on being cool, hip, and relevant.  That’s a fact.  For example, Steven Furtick was interviewed for an article about his fashion sense, and he toured around his salon on a video while talking about how people didn’t ask him about theology so much as his peroxide hair.  Check the dress, hair, eyewear, and actions of other guys such as Bell, Nobel, Ferguson, Driscoll, and others, and there is a certain degree of getting attention through this.  Or look to the shock tactics like the inflatable phallus used by XXXChurch for a most repulsive device to draw people in and get notariety.

      When I say, “I can’t judge their hearts,” what I mean is that, “I cannot judge their sincerity, desire, or motives for why they do what they do.  I cannot judge their eternal salvation.”  That’s not my role, and never will be. 


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