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    Church Junkie:  50 Churches in 50 States

    Church Junkie:  50 Churches in 50 States

    OK… I admit it. I’m a church junkie. I love the church. I choose my vacations as much around what church my family can attend as much as anything else. I thought I was crazy, until I was introduced to Jack Black (via this article).

    Jack Black is just 53 years old, and lives in Homer, OH (population 1400). Jack has just recently met his goal: visiting 50 churches in 50 states.

    You can read about his quest here…

    After visiting that many churches, Jack had this to say: ”The sermons all tend to run together…”

    Nothing against Senior Pastors… but I think most people would say that even if they just attend one church. smile

    Are you a church caddict? How many states have YOU attended worship in? What is your favorite church, other than your own? What church would you LOVE to attend that you haven’t yet, if you only had the chance?


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