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    Church Replaces “Amen” With “Booyah”

    Throughout the church’s worship time “amen” is consistently replaced. Praise and Worship songs are changed. After prayers the one praying will say “And all God’s people said...” to which the congregation replies appropriately. “Amen” is even replaced in the Scripture readings Levy uses…

    Read more here at Tominthebox...

    In related news, a church in Georgia is asking their 11:00 service attendees to please consider attending the earlier 8:30 service “in order to make room for more podonkydonk in the 11 a.m. service.”

    "Times are changing and so are we." That's the opinion of Mark Levy, pastor of Fresh Winds Church of God. For some time now Levy's church of 500 has moved away from many of the traditional elements of worship into new approaches. One of those approaches is doing away with the word "amen" and replacing it with a new more "relevant" phrase - "booyah." "We're here to worship today, boo-yeah?" Levy enthusiastically asks his congregation. "Boo-Yeah!" they all respond in unison.


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    1. RevJeff on Fri, March 30, 2007

      I love Tominthebox…. its a daily must read

    2. Peter Hamm on Mon, April 02, 2007

      We replaced “amen” with “That’s cool.”

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