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    Church Staff Split Over “Sucks”

    “I don’t think twice about it,” says the youth pastor who uses it commonly with youth. He bonded with his new associate pastor by using the word.

    “When you can freely say something sucks, it feels good. It’s like letting your heart out,” he says.

    But he catches continual flak from pastors who find the word offensive.

    Do people know what it means?” says the executive pastor incredulously. “I don’t care if everyone says it. It’s beneath us.”

    He and others send out emails that remind their co-workers to “Let no unclean words proceed from your mouth.” Some roll their eyes at the “sucks police.” The singles pastor, a die-hard “sucks” devotee, responded one time with a reply that said simply, “That sucks!” He included a photo of a vacuum cleaner in the message, to cover himself.

    During a recent sermon while McCann was on vacation, the college and career pastor… [Read the rest of the article here at Lark News]

    (for those of you MMI newbies… this is a satire piece… totally bogus)

    And for the record… here’s my past view on ‘sucks’.

    Pastor Terry McCann was pleased to see his associate pastor interviewed on the local news about helping to solve school truancy. But he was mortified when the associate used the word "sucks." "I called him immediately and said, 'What on earth are you doing?'" says McCann. "He told me, 'Relating to the younger generation.'" The staff of Rolling Hills church is evenly divided over whether the word "sucks" is appropriate or not...


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    1. JarsofMe on Fri, March 09, 2007

      Man…..that sucks.

    2. Brett Morey on Sat, March 10, 2007

      To be KJV-Correct it should be said, “Master…that sucketh.”

    3. don on Mon, March 12, 2007

      well maybe you should’nt say “sucks” in church, but can you say “inhales profusely”?

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