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    Church Takes Mass Out of Christmas

    “We’ve been sitting by and watching people take Christ out of Christmas for years,” said Pastor Dale Webber of Baton Rouge Community Worship Center. “It’s about time someone took the “Mass” out of Christmas for a change.”

    Choir director Anne Stafford said her Southern Baptist-affiliated congregation is just trying to maintain its identity in a heavily Roman Catholic city. “It gets a little old, y’know?” she mused. “They’ve even got the Virgin Mary in the Christ-X parade.”

    “Let’s keep our focus where it should be this time of year—on Jesus coming to us in flesh and blood,” Pastor Webber said. “Not on some silly man-made notion like the Mass.”

    SOURCE:  Horn+Swoggled

    [Horn+Swoggled] The so-called "war on Christmas" took another turn this week when a community church in Baton Rouge, La., dropped the holiday's usual name and referred to it as Christ-X. The Baton rouge Community Worship Center made the move after Pastor Dale Webber saw a Reader's Digest article noting that "Christmas" is an abbreviation for "Christ's Mass."


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    1. Peter Hamm on Fri, December 29, 2006

      Have a happy Rama-hana-kwanz-mas everybody! And a PC new year!

      Thanks, cute.

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