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    Church Tolerates Man’s Home-Grown Worship Songs

    “I can’t even remember them while I’m singing them,” says one man. “The melodies sort of wander here and there. If I fished with hooks that bad, I’d never get a bite.”

    The songs also tend to be very general, with titles like “We Worship You” and “All Praise to Him.” One song, whose melody is vaguely reminiscent of “Born Free,” includes a section where “You are holy” repeats twelve times.

    “He expects it to build into a crescendo of worship, but instead it’s like Chinese water torture,” says one member. “Repeating something doesn’t make it catchy.”

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    Lark News is reporting that Worship leader Kevin Steenstra decided to broaden his ministry by penning his own worship songs. The results are testing the patience of those in his church. "The choruses are a little bland," says one church member. His wife is less charitable; she calls it "music to be uninspired by." People complain, mostly to each other, that Steenstra’s songs are relentlessly unmemorable...


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    1. Camey on Fri, September 07, 2007

      Ut oh…. It repeats 12 times? Now that’s just unheard of…...

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