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    Church Tries to Get Through One Service Without Singing a Matt Redman Song… They Failed.

    Then things went off course. To end worship time, the band segued into “Let Everything That Has Breath” and “Better is One Day.”

    “I didn’t know those were Matt Redman songs,” said the guitarist sheepishly later.

    The band further erred by playing “I Will Offer Up My Life” and “Let My Words Be Few” while the offering was taken.

    After the service, a somber mood engulfed them in the green room.

    “It’s impossible to completely avoid Matt Redman songs during any extended time of worship,” said the band leader dejectedly. “People may as well give in.”

    The pianist said she felt “Redman-handled by the whole experience.”

    Read more of this tragic experiment here at (and check out all the articles at Lark… you’ll enjoy them!)

    LarkNews reports: Sunrise Christian Church’s worship team decided last Sunday to change directions a bit and avoid all known Matt Redman songs in worship. "We realized that most of the stuff we sing was written by him, so we wanted to change up the spirit of things," says the worship leader. "You can’t let one songwriter dominate your song selection." They successfully avoided better-known Redman songs like "The Heart of Worship" and the nearly ubiquitous "Blessed Be Your Name." They also vetoed "Wonderful Maker" and "Once Again," as team members shrewdly recalled that these songs, too, might have been written by the prolific Christian Brit.


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