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    Crystal Cathedral Owes over $50k for Goats, Sheep, and Camels.  Oh my.

    Crystal Cathedral Owes over $50k for Goats, Sheep, and Camels.  Oh my.

    This is something you never want to have happen.  Your church gets late on its bills, and then your vendors go to the local newspaper to complain.

    According to the OC Register, The CC owes Oliver Livestock Co. more than $56k for the rental of the live animals used in their big Christmas production last year.  Another vendor says she hasn't been paid $10k for making the costumes.  Yet another vendor says he wasn't paid thousands for dry cleaning the costumes.

    The church's response...  revenue is down 40% and the church has significant debt.  "As a result, there are vendors that we have not been able to pay in a timely manner. It grieves us that we are in such a position."

    But according to the animal vendor:  "I've been completely ignored without so much as a courtesy of a response or explanation... I understand the church has been hurting for cash…but the way I've been treated, with no courtesy or professionalism, is unacceptable."  Oliver Livestock has been supplying animals for the church for 29 years.

    No doubt, it is a hard time at the CC.  And publicity like this doesn't help any.  The church is in the process of selling two properties that they say will get them out of debt.  But with properties already being sold over the past couple years, programs being cancelled, and a large amount of staff being let go, it has to be a time of severe anxiety.

    Could this be the first total financial implosion of a megachurch?  What happens in this case if there is simply not enough money to continue the ministry?  Bankruptcy protection?  What happens when/if the total assets of the ministry do not cover the total liabilities?

    I ask, only because I have no idea.

    Do you?

    You can read more here.


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    1. Jeff T. on Wed, March 31, 2010

      I bet their window-washing bill is brutal.

    2. Pastor Matt on Thu, April 01, 2010

      This one is hilarious.  Just a few months ago people were defending the $130m new church in Texas rather than doing something good with the cash - like building wells, schools, hospitals in Africa, or New Orleans for that matter - and all I got for asking questions was the usual defence of the pastor & church “Trust the leaders - they’re sent by God with God’s vision”.  Yeah whatever! 

      Now we see $56k on rented animals for a nativity play?  HA HA HA, American Christianity is so messed up.

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