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    Daily Diversion:  Billy Sunday, in Kindergarten

    I got an email from David Simpson at Gren Valley Baptist Church, who sent me this really neat video of his little boy's school project. The project? A Kindgergarten report on evangelist Billy Sunday. Check this out...

    Got a video you think I should share as a Daily Diversion?


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    1. Eric Joppa on Thu, February 05, 2009

      this kid is awesome! He’s better than our pastor!

    2. CS on Thu, February 05, 2009

      We need more kids like this that can bring the heat to the pulpit once more!  That was some great stuff.


    3. c3 on Sat, February 07, 2009

      I’m sorry but I found it a little creepy. (and I laughed a couple of times.)

    4. Jeremy Brown on Mon, February 09, 2009

      THis was awesome (albeit a little creepy)… It was kinda like watching Dwight Schewt (from “the Office”) preach… hillarious… I wish I could book this kid for a weekend service!

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