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    Disturbing News About Christian Radio

    “Repeating the same shows saved us all money and time,” says the program director, who now feels ashamed of his role. He came up with the scheme in the ’80s after noting that some shows were becoming repetitive. “We made it generic enough to last for years, but specific enough to speak to people’s lives over and over. On that score I think we did a pretty good job.”

    You can read more here at

    DISCLAIMER:  A special thanks to the people who thought this story was true.  As is our fashion here at MMI on Friday, this is a fine piece of SATIRE from  Allistair Begg, is, in fact real (to the best of my knowledge).

    According to, listeners of Christian talk radio were surprised and dismayed to learn that the same slate of programs has been playing on Christian radio stations since 1988, and that the entire façade of Christian radio has been run out of a basement complex in Michigan.

    "I always found the programs very comforting and familiar," says Kathy Reynolds, a regular listener in Columbia, Mo. "Now I know why."

    The 365-day-long loop, which has been running continuously since January 1, 1988, includes programs by ministers such as James Dobson and Chuck Colson who dispense parenting and marital advice, Bible answers and non-specific calls to political action. The loop followed the calendar’s rhythms, with programs about creating lasting family traditions at Thanksgiving, back-to-school prayer programs in August and cloyingly sweet programs about home, hearth and "the reason for the season" at Christmas. A layer of conservative concern over the direction of the country was included throughout the year.


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    1. Josh Hatcher on Fri, October 03, 2008

      Todd, this is the second time you’ve posted a Lark News Story without specifying that it is an “onion-esque” site..

      you do know this is satire right?

    2. W. Adam Greer on Fri, October 03, 2008


      I followed your twitter link to this article and I am in no way intending to discredit or attack you. I simply fight the best I can for truth and I believe this lie needs to be exposed.

      My first reaction was – “Here we go again…another stupid move that will discredit us in the eyes of the world and how wrong of the perpetrators.” But, as I followed the link and read the whole article, one thing caught my attention,

      “…after the death of Christian radio personality Martin Wyse, Wyse’s old shows were digitally manipulated to give him a Scottish brogue, resulting in the creation of Alistair Begg, who does not actually exist.”

      I happen to like listening to Alistair Begg, so my reaction to his being a fake sent me on a Google search. Quickly, this was exposed as a lie – he is in deed real and is doing quite a work for the Kingdom; or So, who is the liar here? I couldn’t find one article, outside of Lark’s report, to support this claim – O’ I found plenty of blogs and such repeating the story but all were simply regurgitating the same Lark News story.

      Conclusion, the enemy of our souls is using every tactic possible to destroy Christ’s reputation and the reputation of His bride. I will rise and expose the devil’s work! I don’t know the motive behind Lark News but they seem to be doing the devil’s work…

      As leaders, brothers, sisters – we must do everything we can to protect the family and defeat the enemy.

      In His service,

      W. Adam Greer

    3. Todd Rhoades on Fri, October 03, 2008

      Josh… yes, absolutely, I realize that…

      Adam… what?  Allistair Begg IS REAL?

      Sorry… I’m not buyin’ it.


    4. Scott on Fri, October 03, 2008

      Oh boy ... good catch, Josh. Apparently Adam didn’t read your post before posting. Love the humor, Todd. It does seem this way, doesn’t it?

    5. Peter Hamm on Fri, October 03, 2008

      However, Alister Begg has never been seen in a photograph WITH Elvis, leading me to believe he is in fact… Elvis.

    6. Jerry on Fri, October 03, 2008

      It sure is Friday, isn’t it! I love the Lark News site. I just wish they would update more than once a month. Through their satirical eyes, we get a humorous glimpse of how churches should not be run. Thanks for the post, Todd!

    7. Ryan on Fri, October 03, 2008

      The second comment was even funnier than the article. Wow. Hahaha

    8. Jesse Phillips on Fri, October 03, 2008

      Hillarious! Sorry, Adam, that you didn’t realize this was a joke.

    9. Roland Thomas Gilbert on Fri, October 03, 2008

      I worked in Christian radio myself for four years (my “tour of duty” I like to call it). This wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

      By the way, Alistair Begg is extremely cool. Meeting him in person was a highlight in my career. :o)

    10. Josh on Fri, October 03, 2008


      I’m SO glad you realize it…

      because if you didn’t, i was going to cry.

      you have an amazing blog, and you seem so intelligent… 

      but unfortunately there are wierdo’s out there that DON’T get the joke.. I’m really glad you are not one of them!

    11. djchuang on Fri, October 03, 2008

      todd, you’ve outdone yourself again; and what a bait on Twitter to say you’ve got to read this- probably higher click-thru than revealing what the link is in the first place

    12. Paul Kuzma on Fri, October 03, 2008

      It is NOT going to get any funnier than these posts on a Friday! Way to go Todd!

    13. RevJeff on Sat, October 04, 2008

      Still lurking out here, this brings me out of the darkness and into the light…

      I KNEW IT !!!! All along that Allister Begg guy’s voice has seemed contrived to me!!!!


      Peace Todd and all.

    14. Mike Ellis on Mon, October 13, 2008

      Lark News is not real? Oops. I thought Lark was real and Todd was fake.

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