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    Does This Woman Go To Your Church?

    I've never seen dramatic behavior this profound anywhere outside the church. Do you have any people in your church that over react as much as this woman?

    Somehow... I bet you do!


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    1. Katrina on Fri, April 03, 2009

      That lady must have tapped the other lady with a book “anointed” by Benny Hinn!  I’m surprised she didn’t stand up and start speaking in tongues!

    2. Leonard on Fri, April 03, 2009

      I loved the guy in the background….

      got hit in the eye… got hit in the eye…. can we clear the room…

    3. PastorRick on Fri, April 03, 2009

      This year’s Porky Award for Hammiest Acting in a Court Room goes to…

    4. Brian L. on Fri, April 03, 2009

      I’ve seen this one a few times.  I’d say she was a drama queen, but she’s not even that good…

    5. Jim on Fri, April 03, 2009

      The only thing that’s missing is the Personal Injury Lawyer commercial to close out the video.  Yet, I’m sure that there is one involved by now…

    6. Kevin M. on Fri, April 03, 2009

      Oh man . . . that is too funny!  Thanks for the laugh!

    7. Sandi Miller on Fri, April 03, 2009

      Good Grief…  What a breathtaking display…  Thanks for the laugh!

    8. runescape accounts on Sun, April 05, 2009

      Such an outcome you dare to believe it

    9. Paul Waldecker on Mon, April 06, 2009

      I’m from Hockey Town and I’ve never witnessed a dive like that before!

    10. Tim on Tue, April 07, 2009

      yep, that’s our former church secretary.

    11. David on Tue, April 07, 2009

      I see at least three idiots here. This doesn’t include the reactions from the other people in the room. The most hilarious reaction was not the woman, but the man who was too close to his own mic! Calling out for a doctor? Hit her in the eye??  Forget HER as the drama queen! He’s won the prize!   What kind of baby-like behavior is whacking a person on the back of the head in an official public meeting? If I were the chair of that meeting, I’d bar that woman from ever entering the chamber!

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