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    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Special Music

    HT to Tim Ellsworth for this nice little ditty:

    I’ll tell the world, I hate my pastor.
    The name of Christ, I’ll gladly shame.
    I’ll tell the world, I hate my pastor.
    At his feet I’ll place all the blame.

    I’ll post online, how I despise him,
    How he’s not like the one before.
    I’ll gossip, lie, and spead some rumors,
    Making it clear that him I abhor.

    I’ll moan and gripe, and bear false witness.
    I’ll slander him, his family.
    I’ll spew my filth, while caring only
    About my selfish wants and needs.

    I’ll not go find a church that I love,
    Where I can labor happily.
    I’ll stay right here and raise a ruckus,
    And spread my venom, anonymously.

    Oh tell the world, you hate your pastor.
    It’s classy and so loving, see.
    Oh tell the world, you hate your pastor.
    And show them all your unity.


    I used to wonder when I was growing up, how some of the most bitter and negative people could get up in front of the church and do special music. I mean, one minute they'd be singing "It only takes a spark" or "Anybody Here Want to Go To Heaven" by Evie; and the next, they're complaining about something. Well, maybe they just should have sung this song (you'll have to sing it in your head to the hymn, "I'll Tell the World that I'm a Christian".


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    1. Lee on Mon, January 15, 2007

      sounds like Mr. Ellsworth has spent some time in my church…sad to know this may be commonplace.

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