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    Ed Young, Jr. Impersonates Joel Osteen Video

    Scroll down to view this video…

    Ed Young, Jr. is now blogging... and he recently added a video piece he did of his impression of Joel Osteen. Interesting that he was able to do it behind the Lakewood pulpit... that is, until Joel Osteen himself shows up...


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    1. Leonard on Tue, March 18, 2008

      I loved that.  For many reasons but I will stick with I loved that for now.

    2. Camey on Tue, March 18, 2008

      Reminds me of take your self seriously but not too seriously where you can’t laugh at yourself. After all… someone else will.

      Funny. I almost sent this to you a couple of days ago. Find it interesting that Ed has just now joined the blogging world. But don’t ask me about the robe and dogs video.

    3. Peter Hamm on Tue, March 18, 2008

      Funny. Yes, we must all laugh at ourselves…

      Easy for me, because I’m totally ridiculous…

    4. CS on Tue, March 18, 2008

      I always appreciate people who can laugh at themselves.  And yet…

      “It’s the dream of every pastor to walk up these steps.”

      That was the best joke he said in the video.

      “Am I that corny?”

      Yes, yes you are.


    5. Kevin Bussey on Tue, March 18, 2008

      That was great!

    6. Pastor Steve on Tue, March 18, 2008

      Love this, both of these pastors are great men.

    7. bishopdave on Wed, March 19, 2008

      I thought that little elevator bringing Joel up from below was pretty cool. We have a basement under our stage area and I need one of those. I also love Joel’s acting job of being shocked and appalled, the empty stadium with all the big screens on. Does Joel have an actual Jumbotron to use for song lyrics? they could probably use it.

    8. Camey on Wed, March 19, 2008

      I hear ya Peter…. Monday afternoon, I really dropped the ball right in front of several of our students. It’s Spring Break here and we went to a place called The Main Event. (bowling, laser tag, and etc.) I was pumped… I was excited. Hubby, myself and all 3 of our sons were going too.

      Good thing the ball didn’t land on my foot because it sure did make a loud noise as it hit the ground. At least it could have rolled in the direction of the lane but NOOO… Never laughed so hard!

      Okay. Totally off topic.

    9. Peter Hamm on Wed, March 19, 2008

      I draw the line at bowling in front of people who I want to think I’m cool…

      they don’t think I’m cool anyway… but still…

      Okay, I’m getting pretty good at Wii bowling at least…

    10. bishopdave on Wed, March 19, 2008

      “I draw the line at bowling in front of people who I want to think I’m cool…”

      It might have been A.W. Tozer who said, “True freedom in Christ comes when you are no longer afraid of being the geekiest dork on the block, cause you’re going to heaven and nothing else matters.” If it wasn’t Tozer, it should have been.

    11. Peter Hamm on Wed, March 19, 2008


      I think it was my boss what said that… about me…

    12. bishopdave on Wed, March 19, 2008


        Ministry has been so much more joyful and easier when I took the pressure of trying to be something I’m not. Every mistake is not fatal, and those that don’t provide a learning experience provide a few laughs. It also helps to raise teenagers, as they will remind you constantly what a goofball you are at everything you attempt.

    13. Camey on Wed, March 19, 2008

      I hear ya also about Wii bowling. We’re all goofballs at some point or another.

      Bishopdave, totally agree! That’s why I decided against playing air hockey. Happens to be my favorite game there. Why? They were teasing me that I’d puck someone’s eye out.. Way too funny!


      Geekiest Dork by a long shot.

    14. Rockabilly on Wed, March 19, 2008

      A person who can laugh on himself can definitely make others to laugh n thats is also within a few mins.

      I always appreciate this kind of persons

    15. Ricky on Thu, March 20, 2008

      More sychophantic, choreographed backslapping.

      And for Ed, Jr. to declare that God somehow was involved in the building of a grotesque example of American consumerism (90+ MILLION spent on a building), shows that he is about as deep as a sheet of paper.


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