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    Erectile Dysfunction commercial gets woman kicked out of church

    Erectile Dysfunction commercial gets woman kicked out of church

    OK... I know this is sensationalistic... but here's the headline in Australia's Herald Sun newspaper:  The star of an erectile dysfunction commercial has been kicked out of her church until the ad comes off air.

    The story revolves around Libby Ashby.  She told the newspaper that she has been 'disfellowshipped from her local church after appearing in an ad for an erectile dysfunction ad:  "They have said I would not be reinstated until the ad comes of the air."

    Here's the ad in question:

    Umm... let's just say the ads on Australian TV make ours look pretty lame.

    Here's more from the newspaper:

    Ms Ashby, a single mother, said she knew when she was filming the ad that it was in poor taste.

    But she said she had taken the job because of the money.

    "My VISA was calling out for mercy," she said.

    "It was against my better judgement to it. I don't like to offend people."

    Ms Ashby, who didn't say which Christian church she attended, said the bible spoke clearly about sex.

    "The bible speaks very openly about sex in an honourable way, but I don't think the ad is honourable.

    "It offends a lot of people," she said.

    So... the 'actress' is clearly guilty about her part in the commercial.  "Ashamed" might be a better word.

    But should the church 'disfellowship' her?

    Who would have thought that a church would have to deal with something like this?

    But get ready... the church is going to have to deal with A LOT of things like this as we move forward.  The question is... HOW?

    OK... here's the question.  Let's say that this lady went to your church?  How would/should your church respond?


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    1. Marcus Lynn on Tue, October 26, 2010

      Presumably (or at least you wouldn’t know otherwise), this is a married couple.  Is it realistic?  No.  It’s silly.  But that’s no reason to kick someone out of church.

    2. erickyp on Tue, October 26, 2010

      We have had something similar happened to us. Last year, there appeared a picture all over the internet of what became the Saints #1 fan. It was a women in the stands at a Saints play off game in Saints garb with a 1/2 shirt on that was showing some under cleavage, if you know what I mean. And this picture was making the rounds on the web. Turns out they attend our church. Her and her husband were married by one of the pastors in our church.
        We certainly did not kick her out of the church and we would not have kicked this lady from the video out of the church. We might have invited her to be part of the drama team.

    3. eB on Tue, October 26, 2010

      OK, it’s a ridiculous and offensive ad.  If the actress was regretting her decision to participate in it, you’d think her Pastor would have been a little more gracious and forgiving.  I’m not sure that dis-fellowship was the best response.  I think some discussion and explanation between her and her Pastor, would be in order and then perhaps she could apologize to her church family.

    4. David on Tue, October 26, 2010

      Good chance to find a new church.

    5. Peter Hamm on Tue, October 26, 2010

      This is a non-issue. She has nothing to be sorry for.

      Bad choice? perhaps.

      Visa bill paid off? Well, she’s fiscally responsible.

      How picky DOES an actress have to be about commercial work.

      I’d like to know if this pastor works hard to make sure that anybody who’s ever greedy or gossippy is also “dis-fellowshipped”...

    6. Kevin Barthelette on Wed, October 27, 2010

      I have to agree that it is a good opportunity to find a real church. To be honest, I’ve seen commercials a lot worse than that. Self-RIghtousness disguised as morality is a serious topic that the church as a whole needs to address. Until we understand the gospel, we will have to continue to fight what the image destroying “churches” continue to show to the public.

      We should address sin. Is this really a sin? No. I would catagorize it as folly. Was it the best job to take? Was it the only job she could get? We don’t have those facts, but I think if you honor God in what you do, He will open doors of provision for Him to be glorified. This choice doesn’t really show a trust in Him from a biblical perspective. There are plenty of things that we can do to earn money, but hey, the good thing is she will be able to find a more gospel-centered church, which is what this world needs more of.

    7. eB on Fri, October 29, 2010

      The fact that the actress already had ambivalent feelings toward the job, speaks to her conscience and the Holy Spirit nudging her, imo.  It is a real shame that her pastoral leadership could not find a more merciful and kind way of helping her though a mistake.  I think this story reminds me to ask myself how we should help a church member who gets involved in a sinfully compromising situation?

    8. Steven on Mon, November 01, 2010

      Lame commercial indeed.

      My advice to this lady is “don’t walk away from this church… RUN! as fast as you can a find a real church.

    9. Milton Stanley on Mon, November 01, 2010

      I’ve watched the clip, and here’s my question (an honest one): would someone please explain to me what is morally wrong with the commercial? I just don’t see it.

    10. Peter Hamm on Mon, November 01, 2010


      despite the poor taste… you have a point…

      NO nudity… married couple is portrayed having some “good clean fun”.... Maybe you’re right.

    11. Milton Stanley on Mon, November 01, 2010

      I think you’re exactly right, Peter. The commercial is in poor taste, but that’s a pretty weak foundation for disfellowshiping a member.

    12. TonyWhittaker on Tue, November 02, 2010

      Nobody has mentioned that the advert may well help older married couples both suffering from what is doubtless a very serious problem for them. And a humorous approach which can help the man overcome the barrier to seeking help, may be useful.

      Different cultures view humor and what is acceptable in different ways. I think here in UK, that ad would be seen as not sufficiently subtle, and also a bit tacky.

      But the principle that a Christian actor or actress must only take on roles where their character is behaving in ways totally beyond reproach, would be a very strange one. Would the church in question deny this lady the part of say,  Lady Macbeth, or Cleopatra?

      BTW Todd, when posting YouTube clips, you might like to make sure that rel=0 is added to both URL strings in the code. Otherwise we are served up with a choice of ‘related videos’ when the clip has run through, which, err, in this case, are not really appropriate grin



    13. Daniel Moore on Tue, November 02, 2010

      I vote for a new church.  The fact that she struggled over her decision is a mark of growth.  If acting jobs are few for her and somewhat questionable, I would ask the church membership, “Do you have a job opening for her?”  Shouldn’t we be taking care of our own?

    14. Chad Whitmore on Wed, November 03, 2010

      Eph 5:3-4
      But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God’s holy people. Nor should there be obscenity, foolish talk or coarse joking, which are out of place, but rather thanksgiving. NIV

      Wouldn’t this ad fit under the “coarse joking” reference?

      Whether she should be disfellowshiped can only be answered with all the facts. The article suggested she had guilt and remorse, but did she show that when confronted? Did the leadership of that church confront her as Matthew 18:15-17 teaches? Did she respond with repentance or rejection? Did they confront her with gentleness or did they pass judgment without talking to her?

      If she truly felt the ad was not “honorable” and “offends,” why wouldn’t she listen to her conscience?

    15. eB on Wed, November 03, 2010

      I agree with Chad W’s comments and reasoning.  I think we should be encouraging our people to higher and noble things in the various aspects of their lives.  If there is stumbling and confusion it should be handled with patience and gentleness as Jesus did.

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