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    Excited Mom Achieves 100% Summer VBS Coverage

    “You don’t know how wonderful it is,” she said. “They finished school on a Friday, and on Monday it was off to Montgomery Church of the Nazarene for Amazon Expedition. It was like the school year never ended at all.”

    Eaton, a stay at home mom whose husband, Rick, owns his own plumbing business, has been trying to map out a summer of full VBS coverage for her sons Rick, Jr., 10, Taylor, 8, and Hunter, 7, for years.

    “I’ve come really close in the past,” Eaton said. “I always look in the local paper and surf all of the local church Web sites as soon as school is winding down, but there was always that empty week or two. I’ll never forget the summer of 2004. No one was doing an Independence Day week VBS that year. I was sure I’d never come that close again.”

    But Eaton’s dream was realized this year.

    “I’ll never forget the moment I realized that I had finally done it,” she said, the tears coming again. “I had all of the registration forms laid out on the desk, and I just couldn’t believe it. I jumped right out of my chair and yelled out to my husband that there was no need to schedule a family vacation this year!”

    You can read more at the brand new Holy Observer!

    Mothers around the nation rejoiced earlier this month as children grudgingly made their way back to school. But for Sandy Eaton, this year’s celebration was oh so much sweeter. “I finally did it,” Eaton said, tipping her head back and shaking it at the sky with tears in her eyes. “I’m sorry. It’s just, you have no idea how many long years this has taken.” Eaton is celebrating because, for the first time, she managed to find VBS programs for her three school-age boys every week of the summer...


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    1. bill on Fri, September 21, 2007

      I know that this post is a farce, but it is actually very close to the truth.  I know moms who thought this way.  It is the very reason we don’t do the traditional VBS, because it ends up babysitting church kids.  We take our program directly into the neighborhoods of our poor and under-resourced.  Our VBS program is missional, it goes to where the kids are who need it most.

    2. Randy Ehle on Fri, September 21, 2007

      Missional-shmissional.  Give me babysitting all summer any day!!

      (Ouch! Bit my tongue-in-cheek!)

    3. Melody on Sat, September 22, 2007

      Traditionally, VBS ministered as much to the stay-at-home moms as it did the kids.  Our SBC church (I’m almost 50, btw) was thrilled to get in the sprinkled Methodist kids.

      Of course, we had a bus ministry as well.  That brought in the the kids from other neighborhoods (and schools) and allowed us to mix and befriend each other.  So WHAT if the parents sent them for babysitting purposes.  Kids were hearing the gospel, and were getting to spend time with children outside their social and economic group as peers.  That’s a good thing.

    4. Dan Moore on Sun, September 23, 2007

      Farce or not, so what?  It speaks close to the truth but for our church we add more families each year because of VBS than anything else.  We gain prospects ... and yes we have folks from other churches that bring their children.  So what!  I have made some wonderful friends and contacts that way as well.  I wouln’t change it for the world.

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