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    Failed Witnessing Attempt #247

    Failed Witnessing Attempt #247

    I think you'll enjoy this:


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    1. Leonard on Fri, April 09, 2010

      He failed to use the law to convict them of their suckienss.

    2. Brian L. on Fri, April 09, 2010

      That was funny!

    3. emad on Sat, April 10, 2010


    4. Erik on Sat, April 10, 2010

      I got an ad at the bottom suggesting I flirt with 50 million singles on Zoost.

    5. RevKev on Sun, April 11, 2010

      Yeah… It says, “Jesus loves you. Flirt now!”

    6. redsworld on Wed, April 21, 2010

      loved that
      great illustration on relevance
      gonna use it @ a leadership conference
      post some more

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